Pets, Furry or otherwise, are a big part of households all over the world. Anyone who owns one or knows they make excellent company. Unfortunately, their hair tends to spread all over the home. This means you need tips for vacuuming pet hair.

Tips for Vacuuming Pet Hair

Dander and pet hair can be more than annoying. It can be dangerous if you have someone who has allergies. According to Home Viable and the AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, three in ten people are allergic to dogs, cats, and other furry pets. Fortunately, preventive maintenance such as vacuuming can help improve overall air quality and reduce allergens in your home. 


There are some tips you need to follow in order to know how you can effectively vacuum pet hair from your home. The following information is a sure guide on how to vacuum pet hair successfully. 

Find Pet Hair Hot Spots

Places that have a high static charge are the most common areas where pet hair is collected. Static attracts pet hair and areas with high static are usually areas with minimal airflow. This is why you may find a concentration of pet hair in the corners of your home. 


You can start by checking areas around your pet’s carrier or crate, floor lamp, laundry basket. Other areas that are likely to have the same problem will include chairs, sofas, and beds. Some areas you may not think of are:


  • Bottom hinges of doors
  • Around door jambs
  • Basements

Removing Pet Hair before Vacuuming 

The surface where the pet hair has stood on is the biggest variable when you are removing pet hair. For instance, you may come across pet hair on baseboards. In such a situation, use a soft brush attachment. This will help minimize the hair blowing around and moving to a different location. 


If you are removing pet hair from carpet edges, around stairs, and furniture, use a stair tool or crevice before you start vacuuming. If you plan on doing a deep clean, you should consider moving the furniture. This will ensure you do not miss any pet hair that may be trapped underneath the furniture. 


Vacuum Regularly

It is recommended to vacuum at least once every two or three days to ensure hair does not accumulate in your house. If you need to vacuum a few times a week, it is recommended that you focus on the areas where your pets love to spend a lot of time. 


Additionally, a thorough vacuum should be done at least once a month. Unfortunately, you cannot clean your whole house using a vacuum cleaner. For example, areas that have suede, microfiber, cloth, or wooden furniture cannot be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.  

Cleaning Areas that Cannot be Vacuumed

When cleaning such areas, it is best to use a cleaning cloth that is dampened with water. The cloth should not have excess water. Make sure it is just damp enough to make it moist. The dampness on the cloth will ensure all the pet hair is captured. With a dry cloth, some of the pet hair will end up on the floor. 


As for furniture with suede, microfiber, or cloth, use rubber cleaning gloves. Wipe the furniture using these gloves. The hair will be picked up and most, if not all of it, will be picked up. You can then vacuum the floor after you are done. If you do not have rubber gloves, use a small towel dampened with water.


These tips will ensure you can effectively remove pet hair using a vacuum cleaner. The tips are designed to help you even if you cannot use your vacuum cleaner in every area in your house. 

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