Tips For Welcoming A New Puppy



A new puppy can bring a lot of love, excitement and chaos into your home. You will need to make some changes to your property and puppy-proof every room. Of course, your experience will be largely determined by the breed and age of your puppy. Some dogs require more exercise and attention, while others are happy to laze around all day. 


Before you collect your new puppy, you need to study the breed. Find out about their behaviour, diet and any common health conditions. You need to be prepared for the arrival of your puppy – and it can take a lot of work. 


Here are a few tips on how to welcome your puppy with open arms. 


Calculate the cost


In lockdown, the price of our favourite dog breeds skyrocketed. Cocker Spaniels increased by a whopping 207% to £2230. English Bulldogs, Cavapoos and Miniature Dachshunds are some of the most expensive dog breeds in the UK right now. 


You need to prepare for the initial cost of your dog, as well as the running cost. You will need to pay for insurance, food, toys, grooming, vet appointments and much more. Make sure you can afford a dog before taking the plunge. 


Clean your house


You need to remove any potential puppy hazards from your house. Store anything valuable or chewable up high where they cannot reach it. Think about important documents, shoes, clothes, jewellery and food. These items may seem harmless – but they could be poisonous to your new pooch. Strong candles and diffusers could also distress them.


Close all the gates


You need to proof your garden as well. Go around the fence and check for any holes or weak spots. You will be surprised by how ruthless a puppy can be in the garden. You could also use baby gates on your interior staircase to stop them from going upstairs. It takes a while to train them properly. 


Essential supplies


They need a bed and blankets to stay cosy. You will need to buy dog food, chews, leads, crates, puppy pads, poo bags and toys. You may need to repurchase these items if your puppy is particularly destructive. 


Pet insurance


Take out pet insurance and double-check what you are covered for. Some dog breeds are more injury-prone than others, and you be exposed to sky-high vet bills. Register with a vet in your local area if you need to make an emergency trip with your pup. 


Once you have sorted out the basics, you can start learning to train your puppy.

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