Anti-theft car system tips | North shore Massachusetts drivers protect your car from thieves 

Auto thefts can and do happen every now and then. Car is an expensive investment, and you can be devastated if it gets stolen. If a car thief eyes on your car, then there are certain things you can do to make your car hard to access for him. Here are the few tips on preventing auto theft.

Basic prevention tips

·Never leave the car running or keys on when you are not in the car, even for a single minute

·Always keep the car locked and windows rolled up, even if it is standing in front of your house

·Do not leave your laptop bag, iPhone or other valuables easily viewable from the outside

·Always remove your smart phone, GPS navigation system, suction cup or any such items from the car, as they may attract a thief towards your car

·Always park your car in a well-lighted, busy area

·Carry the insurance and registration card with you. Never leave any credit cards or documents in the car

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