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When you buy a car, it's a big investment. You will have to make an effort, to keep and maintain that it stays in good condition. If you tend to have this car, for a while then as the car ages so do the engine. performance level decreases and the oil starts to break down at an increasing rate.

With age the seals will become to break down, and the gaskets become so thin they are brittle The oil will start to increase so making and keeping these new and filled are the number one thing we need to do.


Make sure to change your oil every three months. This is very important your engine is the lifeline of your car, your car can not run without this procedure.

Always make sure your tires are at the max air, this will prevent flats and keeps your tires running good. If the air isn't correct you will lose mileage. keeping them in the full air is always the best.

Look for warning signs. Of course, not every little noise you hear means something is wrong. But with a high mileage car, it is best to check out any symptom, be it a sound, smell, or just a feeling that seems the slightest bit out of the ordinary


Always pay attention to the ground of where you park, this can give you a sign of an issue.  Leaking oil or coolant can tell you there is a problem. Keeping an eye out can save you a bigger problem.


Keeping your car as scratch free as you can, will keep your car looking great. Washing the car , take some notes on how many and where you have scratches and any missing paint. This should always be fixed as soon as possible, to avoid rust damage.

Another point to make always check under your hood, this will help you spot any problems that can become very costly. Always do the engine check while its cold, never hot to avoid injury.

Never assume there is nothing wrong with your car, take it into the shop to get a routine check-up. Have it serviced and make sure all fluids and belts are in working condition. Check tires for any objects to avoid flats. Doing all of this will keep and maintain your car, for as long as you keep it.




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