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Tips on How to Beat the Heat in Florida

Just moved to Florida? Worried about the Heat? Here are a few tips to help you beat the heat!

Florida is after all The Sunshine State! And you will know why it is called that if you have spent a single summer here or just vacationed in Florida during June, July, or August. Florida is nearer to the Equator than any of the other states and this is a prime reason for it to be so oppressively hot during the summer. First, take a look at some of the reasons why summer is so hot in Florida.


The Sun


Florida receives sunlight stronger than the rest of the country due to its proximity to the equator. The equator is the area where the sun’s radiation is concentrated most and causes extreme heat. As the earth spins, Florida almost always remains right in the path of direct sunlight, so the atmosphere traps the heat causing it to reach extreme levels especially during the summer.


The Water


The waters of the Western, Eastern, and Southern Coastlines contribute to the reasons behind the hot summers in Florida. The Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west borders of Florida, the water in both these bodies of water is quite warm and stays warm all year long due to the water currents that are warmed in the tropics. 


The air that moves across this water absorbs some of the heat from these warm waters and transfers them to the land. This is a contributing factor to the hot summers of Florida and also why even in the winter, it does not don’t dip below freezing.


The Humidity


One of the main factors of summers being so hot in Florida is the humidity. The air picks up vapor as it moves through the warm water bodies. This increases the relative humidity or the percentage of water vapor in the air. The average humidity can be between 72 to 80 degrees during July. It means that 80% of the total capacity of water vapor is being held up by the air. This causes the feeling of excess heat during those times.


How Can You Beat The Hot Florida Summers


Summer temperature in Florida can go up to the 80s and 90s and is enough to pose a significant health risk, especially to senior citizens. Heat stress, although is a big reason for concern and can happen at any age. So let’s discuss a few common and easy ways you can beat the Florida heat. 


Get Proper Air Conditioning 


When the temperature is above 90 degrees, you will find that fans are not sufficient to protect you from the illnesses that can result due to excessive heat. So you have to ensure that your home has proper air conditioning. It’s a good idea to get the air conditioning checked before the summer arrives. You need to get Reliable Air Conditioning Repairs done so that your peace of mind and ultimate protection from the heat is ensured during the hot summer days.


If you have to go out, try to be in cooler places like the aquarium, a shopping mall, or a movie theater. These places will have central air conditioning and keep you shaded from the excess heat.


Drink Plenty Of Water


This is a fundamentally important matter that you must not forget to do. Even if you are not thirsty, you need to keep drinking lots of freshwaters. Summer days require you to stay hydrated to avoid falling sick. And the easiest way to do that is by drinking enough water to keep you from getting thirsty. 


If buying bottled water multiple times a day becomes too much for your pockets, you can carry a refillable water bottle. Just fill it up from a freshwater source and keep drinking water throughout the day. 


Wear Appropriate Clothes


You need to wear clothes that are lightweight and loose-fitting during hot summer days. You need to choose clothes that are breathable and light-colored. Cotton cloth is best as it is a very breathable fabric and doesn’t hold the heat.


You need to reduce direct exposure to the sun as much as you can to feel cooler so wearing a hat is a good idea. You can also carry an umbrella and sunglasses to block out the sun’s harmful UV rays. Applying sunscreen is essential to reduce your risks of getting a sunburn. 


Eat Light Food


As it is important to remain hydrated during the hot summer days, you need to opt-out of eating heavy foods that strain your body or require moisture to digest the food. Instead, you can try eating foods that are rich in water content, such as soups, salads, and fruits. These refreshing foods will not only fill your hunger and quench your thirst but will also keep you hydrated with their liquid content. Freezing a baggie full of grapes is a great idea for a refreshing treat. 


Take A Bath Or A Shower


You all will agree that one of the best ways to cool down and escape the heat is to take a cool shower or run a cooling bath. This works wonders as water conducts the heat away from the body and essentially helps it to cool down. If you are at home then you can take a shower more than once a day if required. If you are at the beach then use those showers not just to rinse the sand off your feet.


Don't Go Out In The Midday


You do not want to stay outdoors between noon and 4 pm as the sun is the hottest at this time. So somehow manage to stay indoors during this time, you can take a nap, have your lunch, watch a movie, or shop indoors. This way you will be able to escape the heat of the direct sunlight. You should also keep in mind that a lot of vigorous activity during the hottest part of the day will wear you off easily and might even get you sick. So limit it as much as possible.




The sun’s rays are not the only factor that makes summers so scorching in Florida. The humidity, the warm water bodies, and the southern geographical location all work together to make the summers so uninviting to many. The good news is that the air conditioner in your home can get rid of this humidity and make you very comfortable. Also, follow the steps mentioned above to make summers bearable. Stay cool and beat the heat next summer in Florida.