Tips to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Losing your car keys can be incredibly frustrating and inconvenient, especially when you’re in a hurry. Unfortunately, it is quite a common occurrence.

 If you are tired of losing your car keys, here are some of the practical tips locksmith in Atlanta that you can count on to keep your car keys safe.

  1. Always place them in the same place

One of the reasons many people lose their car keys is because they don’t have a designated spot for the keys. To prevent losing your keys, make a habit of always putting them in the same place each day when you arrive home or get to the office. This can be a small drawer in your bedroom, a wall-mounted key holder, a bowl on the counter, or on top of your refrigerator. By designating a spot for your car keys, you’ll know exactly where to look for them. 

  1. Get a Bluetooth tracker

Advanced technology has made it much easier to track lost items and even prevent them from getting lost. A simple Bluetooth key finder can help keep track of your car keys in case you lose them. This device comes with a special key ring you attach your keys to. If you lose your car keys with the key finder attached, all you have to do is press the button on the remote key finder or use a mobile app and the keys will beep loudly so you can track them down.  

  1. Get a key chain or key ring

You are more likely to lose a single car key than one that is attached to a key chain. A single car key can slip through small crevices or get lost among items in your bag. Adding a key chain to your car keys makes it much harder to lose track of them because they become more noticeable. 

  1. Have a spare set

Having a spare set can save the day when you lose your car keys. When you have a spare set on hand, you’ll not be locked out of your car. Do not wait until you lose your keys to get a spare set, reach out to a reliable locksmith in Duluth and get yourself a spare car key to save the day in case you lose one set.

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