Having a beautiful lawn along with a sweet home is really a dignified feeling. At the same time, the maintenance of the lawn is also a concern for you. Now skipping the hectic effort with a push mower and obtaining a self-propelled mower will be a great choice and now the tips to find the best self-propelled mower also become significant. 

The self-propelled mower doesn't need much effort from you. You simply need to direct the machine all around the lawn and mowing is all done with ease. It is light in weight, highly portable, ensures your safety and also saves time. q

Tips To Find The Best Self-Propelled Mower

1. Self-Propelled Mower Classification  

The self-propelled mower is classified as electric mowers and gas-powered mowers. 

  • Electric mowers: As the same denotes such kind of mowers operate on electricity. It is designed with a long cord attached. With electric mowers, you will experience no noise and also no smoke will be emitted. It is very easy to operate and doesn't need much investment in fuel management. Cutting rough and thick grasses with an electric mower becomes a little difficult. 
  • Gas-powered mower: Again, as a name indicates the gas-powered mowers operate on gasoline. Without a cord, the gas-powered mowers can mow the large-sized lawns easily. It is highly affordable than electric mowers and also highly durable. They have big engines installed which makes the cutting of thick and rough grasses easy. On another side, it weighs more and needs high maintenance. Also, it produces noise and smoke too. 

2. Wheel Drive 

You can buy self-propelled mower on the basis of three classifications of the wheel drive. Front-wheel drive, Rear-wheel drive, and All-wheel drive mowers. These models are expensive and need high Grounds Maintenance UK.

  • Front-wheel drive: The self-propelled mower with front-wheel is highly maneuverable which makes the directing of the mower very efficient by just a slight striking of the back wheels. The front-wheel-drive is perfect for lawns that need numerous turns. They work very fast and work well on flat grounds. These mowers are not suitable for cutting uphill grasses.
  •  Rear-wheel drive: Self-propelled mower with rear-wheel drive offers maximum traction as the wheel is absolutely aground on a yard or lawn which offers perfect grass cuts. It is highly ergonomic and can be controlled better on inclined slopes or terrain regions. The maneuverability level is low and needs frequent speed adjustment and turns. 
  • All-wheel drive: All-wheel drive means all your wheels are in use. It is perfect for hilly regions and sloped regions. These models are expensive and need high maintenance. It tackles complicated grass cutting easily with equal power distribution to wheels. It demands efforts in speed adjustments and making turns. 

3. Weight

 As different self-propelled lawn mowers are already discussed. So you can choose the one as per your preference. The average weight of the self-propelled mower model ranges from 50-60 lbs. 

4. Speed

The self-propelled lawn mower with adjustable speed is a great suggestion from my side. The adjustable speed means you can increase or decrease the speed of the mower as per the mowing requirement and your stamina. Also, the adjustable speed settings ensure perfect and even cuts always. 

Some self-propelled mower models with one speed may cut the tough, long and thick grasses faster. Various other models can also adjust the speed settings up to the power of 4 mph. So the large lawn means fast and variable settings of the speed and for small lawns, one-speed will be suitable. 

5. Blade Override System

Using a machine is also all about being safe. The blade override system makes the engine run constantly and at the same time, it also liberates the mowers blade from turning around. The blade override system cuts the grass faster. 

6. Mulching Blades

Mulching blades are mostly found in self-propelled standard and commercial lawn mowers models. With mulching blades, you don't need to modify the deck and can also mulch with convenience. The option of the mulching blade is suitable for those who don't need bags in their self-propelled lawn mower models. 

7. Wheel Size

The standard self-propelled lawn mower models are mostly designed with wheels of around 8″ inches, both in the back wheels and front wheels. Some mower models with large wheels may consist of 9″-12″ inches of wheel size which makes traction better. The wheel size and similarly the solid design of the wheels are also essential for working on inclined slopes and terrain areas. 


Self-propelled lawn mowers are really a great amenity for managing a large or small-sized lawn and also without efforts.  The self-propelled mowers can be easily operated by anyone as it consists of the simple operating design and also makes portability highly possible.  

The tips to find the best self-propelled mower offers you all critical factors that will make the right mower choice. These essential classifications and additional factors will get a perfect mower for your small or large-sized lawns.

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