Asthma and allergy sufferers have a hard time of it. It can be pretty scary watching someone you love have an attack. This is nothing in comparison to the panic experienced by the sufferer. It is true that you can never tell when an attack is going to happen. But there are very real things that you can do to lessen the chances. This is particularly true in the home environment. Take a look at this list and see what you can realistically tick off to help your sufferer through this season.


Removing the triggers.


Do you have a smoker in the house? Tobacco smoke is a leading cause of attacks for allergy sufferers. Hard as it may be for the smoker, it is time to quit. At the very least ensure no one smokes inside ever. There are great programmes of support for anyone wanting to kick the habit. What better time than now?


Cats and Dogs


Whatever sets you off, cats and dogs and their dander are major triggers of allergic reactions. The answer is simple, if a little harsh. Pets need to be removed from the home. If this is not possible then at the very least, they must be banned from some areas of the home, such as the sufferer’s bedroom. That means no dogs or cats on beds.




All bedding used by those who are affected should regularly be washed and on a hot cycle. It is possible to use allergy free bedding and pillow cases.




Dust and mold get everywhere. It makes sense to do away with heavy furnishings that can collect these irritants. Replace curtains with blinds that can be wiped down easily. Carpets are a magnet for allergens and dust mites. Consider replacing carpets with hard wooden floors that are easy to clean. This may not be possible so ensure that you are regularly vacuuming with cleaners that can use the right type of filters.




The air you breathe


Shutting doors and windows is not the answer for an allergy sufferer. It is a fact that air inside the house can be just as polluted as outside, if not more so. Air purifiers will ensure that air is filtered and cleaned. You will breathe easier. A dehumidifier will help to get rid of excess moisture.


Damp and wet areas


Keep your bathroom, well ventilated and free from moisture as much as possible. Mold can easily build up here. A fresh flow of air should be encouraged. Quick clean and easy wipe down surfaces will help. Shower curtains should be replaced where possible with solid shower screens.


Cleaning Products


The harsh chemicals used in some cleaners can in themselves trigger a reaction. Invest in or make some natural cleaning products. These will enable you to clean just as well but without the added risk.


It can be a hard time of year for the asthmatic or allergy sufferer. This is especially true if damp or cold air triggers an attack. Do what you can around the home, and ensure that you are creating an environment to make everyone as comfortable as possible.


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