Tips To Pick Knives For DIY Tasks


Whether you are a gourmand in love with tasty food, a chef by passion, or a homemaker who spends maximum time in the kitchen, having the right set of knives for meting out different tasks is of utmost importance.

In fact, knives comprise one of the most important kitchen tools and when chosen properly can help you save on your preparation time, while ensuring least effort and safe cutting tasks. A lot goes on therefore, in picking the right kind of knives for all your kitchen tasks. Just as you would be needing some research before purchasing a tomahawk axe, you would need to work around to pick the best knives for basic DIY tasks.

If you are baffled as to how to choose the right knives for all your DIY tasks, here are some quick tips to choose some of the must-have knives in your kitchen.

Chef’s knife- One of the best among your collection of knives, the Chef’s knife is the ultimate choice for the chef in you who is on the go, cutting, chopping, dicing and mincing a whole lot of cooking ingredients. Its robust body proffers stability and ensures proficiency at less effort and is a must-have in your treasury of kitchen knives.

When choosing a Chef’s knife, pick up one whose weight is just the right for you to handle. A heavier knife is supposedly better at cutting because of the force with which it falls on the ingredients, while many feel a lighter knife would be more ideal to maneuver.

Utility Knife- The perfect one for all your fine slicing and mincing needs, the Utility knife should come with a longer blade and should be a bigger than a paring knife but smaller than a chef’s knife to enable you to conveniently chop your veggies..

Paring Knife- If you are into a lot of fruits and fruit salads, then a paring knife would be just the thing you would need to get rid of the seeds of apples, pears and papayas. Smaller than a utility knife, this sort is the handy one to carry while traveling. You can choose between the serrated blade which gives an aesthetic appeal and is great in appearance too, or the simpler straight ones which do their job pretty well too.

Bread Knife- Bread knives are great tools for cutting sleek through breads as well as fruits and vegetables with thick outer crusts. The serrated edges also ensure that you have perfectly cut out sandwiches without any of the sides peeping out.

Carving Knife and Fork- For all your meaty delights and cooking up something special by slicing off those juicy pieces of the bone or merely making thin strips, this is the apt set of tools for your kitchen.

So if you are thinking of making some succulent whole chicken roast, you should have a long, narrow bladed carving knife with a smooth carved edge to cut through the roasted chicken even through the joints seamlessly while the pronged fork helps keep the big piece in place.

There are plenty of other types as well, but the above ones are some of the most important knives that every kitchen should be equipped with for a proper planning of daily meals and quick cutting tasks.

Summing Up

Whether you choose a chef’s knife or a carving knife, be sure to check the balance of the knife which can be done by holding the knife’s handle and gauging the weight at the back. If it feels too heavy towards the back, you may consider picking up another knife. The length of the blade too should not be too overwhelming nor should it be too small as to make you put a lot of effort. After all, the mantra of choosing the right kind of quality knives is to look into your own comfort first because it’s your palms that will bear the burden of it all.

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