Tips to Secure Your House with High-Security Locks

Many homeowners choose high-security locks because they are durable and effective at preventing burglaries. Since locks provide the first line of defense against intruders and burglars, choosing the most durable and secure lock has become important. Fortunately, high-security locks fit those criteria. This article examines high-security locks and tips to secure your house using them.

How Are High-Security Locks Different?

When securing your home, a high-security lock offers greater benefits than a cheaper traditional lock, as they are designed to overcome the weaknesses of standard locks, providing higher levels of security. These high-security locks have harder-to-pick cylinders and are built from materials resistant to drilling and other forms of force.

Why You Should Use High-Security Locks To Secure Your Home

Certainly, security systems are designed to provide increased safety and security to your property. A lock with high security offers all of these benefits and enhances the security of your home.

Drill and Pick Resistant

The primary advantage of high-security locks, also known as HSEC, is that they are almost impossible to pick. This is because they employ two stages of biaxial key cutting, which creates angled incisions within the lock that are very difficult to pick. Obviously, a lock that is resistant to picking is useless if a determined burglar can just drill the lock out of its casing. Therefore, high-security locks include casings that are resistant to drilling. This function reduces theft and eliminates the need to replace broken locks.

Advanced Key Control

Advanced key control on high-security locks prohibits locksmiths and key shops from duplicating your keys. High-security locks feature patented keys that make them difficult to duplicate. Duplication is more difficult with high-security locks because they have a “do not duplicate” inscription. As such, when you wish to duplicate your key, you must contact the manufacturer or an authorized locksmith in Atlanta since the key blanks are patented. This tighter key control makes it harder for burglars to create bump keys.

Rekey With Ease

High-security locks are made of innovative user-rekeyable key cores, allowing locks to be reset without compromising security; this means removing locks from their hardware to rekey can finally be a thing of the past. These user-rekeyable cores ensure that after a security breach, anyone who attempts to unlock your high-security locks using a lost or stolen key will be denied access. However, other authorized key holders can receive updated keys, so your employees continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to your facilities.

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