Matcha Whisk is undoubtedly beautiful and delicious traditional tea. It is widely loved in Japan and today, it is common across different parts of the globe. The delicious, sweet, creamy and tasty whisk of green tea is easy to prepare. As such, you can enjoy a cup of matcha green tea at any time.

When preparing the beverage, whisking is a very crucial part. A good whisk helps to prepare a foamy, smooth, tasty and excellent matcha. While it may sound a complicated process, whisking is easy and it takes a few seconds. Read on to understand how to whisk a bowl of matcha green tea.


To get a perfect whisk, you will need;

  • Matcha tea, a special and unique green tea that has been slightly steamed, dried and grounded to powdered form. You can find matcha green tea in teashops, and especially in cities occupied by the Japanese community.

  • Water is also needed to help produce quality tea. Unchlorinated water is always the best to make your whisk perfectly fine.
  • Treats and more specifically Japanese treats. You can use Jordan almonds, jelly beans and quality fruit gel, marshmallow peeps and quince paste among other amazing treats.
  • A traditional tea bowl is also important. Get a sturdy, traditional black and white bowl.
  • You will also need a chasen, also known as a traditional bamboo whisk. Alternatively, use an electric latte aerator.


  • Lastly a fine mesh strainer for sifting your matcha green tea.


Boil your water in 165 to 180 degrees range and let it sit for a few minutes.

Gather all your supplies as your water heats. This includes your bowl, whisk, your treats and a sifter.

Sift the tea. It helps you to get creamy and foamy matcha that is enjoyable to drink. You can shake the tea through your strainer to avoid getting clumps on your final preparation.

Warm the mixing bowl. Pour the boiled water into the bowl.

Whisk the plain water to wet your whisk for a few seconds. Pour the water from the bowl and dry it well.

Measure the matcha tea and add into the bowl. You can use a teaspoon of water to make a small paste first before you add in the rest of the water. It allows you to avoid lumps in your match green tea.

Generally, a bamboo scoop is used to measure the tea. You will find the traditional bamboo also known as chashaku in many Japanese homes. If you do not have the bamboo spoon, a regular spoon is ideal. Measure ½ or up to ¾ of matcha into the bowl.

Start whisking your tea. Add ½ a cup of hot water into your mixing bowl. Whisk the tea slowly, pick up the speed while whisking carefully back and forth. Avoid using circular patterns when whisking.

As you whisk back and forth, you must shock the contents. This helps to incorporate in the air into the water and tea mixture. If you do not incorporate the air, your mixture will not be foamy. Similarly, it will not form the bubbles that make an excellent part of matcha green tea.

Slowly draw the whisk upwards as you move close to the surface. Slow your whisk movements. This is an important step during the whisking process as it helps to break down all larger bubbles on the surface of the bowl. What’s more, it produces a tight, nice and smooth crema.

If your hand gets tired while whisking, try not to stop. Whisk firmly to get the desired result.

The rule of thumb when preparing your tea is to whisk hard for at least 20 seconds. Whisk back and forth to get a perfect foam. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can always whisk more to get an incredible taste of your matcha green tea.

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