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Tipsy Tags – Mark Your Glass!!

Ever lose your glass or just not sure which one is yours?  You are at a party.  Maybe even just a friend’s house.  Especially if you are a bit tipsy, or even if you are not, it is pretty easy to lose it.  I know I do. All the time. 

Maybe you are hosting your own dinner with a few friends or family members.  You put down your drink, whatever it may be, and when you go to get your glass, either you cannot remember where you put it or it is smack dab  right next to someone else’s and you have no idea whose is whose.  Do you just take any glass and drink from where it was left off? No, usually it gets dumped, glass rinsed/washed, and re-poured which means waste of a good drink and money down the drain.  Then there is always that person who cannot find their glass, you tell them where their glass is, and they insist it’s not their glass because “they know they had more in their glass and didn’t drink that much of it yet,” (yes they did!).  Then there is always the person that moves the glass so even if you know you left it somewhere, someone decided to sit down and move your glass (or put theirs right next to yours which brings us back to scenario above where you have no clue whose is whose).


Tipsy Tags is a fun way and inventive way to make sure everyone knows whose glass is whose.  No more guessing, dumping, wasting, arguing.  The charms mark your glass so you know exactly which one is yours.  Even if you cannot remember where you put it, you will know where it is when you find the glass with your respective charm on it.  


Tipsy Tags are magnetic so they hold in place.  No stem is needed to hook anything onto like some charms and no need to resort to plastic cups and a Sharpie to write names on.  You just drop the magnet in the glass, then you hold the charm on the outside and the magnet is super strong and just attracts to it, and then you can slide the charm to wherever you want it on the side of the glass (I always slide it about a half inch or so from the top because it looks pretty and/or you can always see it right away).

I have the charms from the “Bling” collection which look like jewels and I use them for everything, wine, liquor, beer, even soda, and in this holiday season I even use it for my egg nog (which I love to have once a year, nonalcoholic).   They do have other collections to choose from, including Sports, Just For Him, Sassy, Holiday themes, and Classy (one set looks like Scrabble tiles, perfect if someone’s first initial matches the letter!).    They even  have custom available for a wedding or maybe a special birthday where you have a big party.


Make sure no one (even yourself) is dumping your hard earned money down the drain because they don’t know whose glass is whose and dress up your glasses at the same time, either fancily or informally (love the 5 O’Clock Somewhere charms, perfect for brunch!).  Any time of day, any type of gathering, these are perfect whether you have just one guest or a dinner party of 10.  You will always know which glass is yours!


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