‘Tis Advent Calendar season and households across the world are pulling out a variety of calendars. Some with little toys in them, some with Bible verses, and some with little chocolates. I grew up with two different types of Advent Calendars; one had little toys in it, that we opened as a family, and the other was filled with little chocolates; this one was all mine, as each of us got one for the Christmas season.

These days, I still love to have an Advent Calendar, although the chocolate inside is a much more grown-up version! Ethel M Chocolates has put out an absolutely lovely Advent Calendar, filled with some of their finest chocolates and toffees. Each box brings us a new sweet treat surprise and a day closer to Christmas.

These chocolates are absolutely amazing and filled with everything from eggnog flavored creme, to maple walnut satin creme, pumpkin pie white chocolate, and even pecan pie milk chocolate.

Advent Calendar

There are so many more flavors to choose from as well, and you can pick from them all when crafting your own Advent Calendar, Holiday Tin, or Gift Box. Throw into the mix a canister of their Double Hot Cocoa mix, that is a blend of both milk and dark chocolates, and your Holiday spirit will be sure to increase with each new day, and each sip of the velvety smooth hot cocoa.

Advent Calendar

Christmas just isn't Christmas without some type of delicious Holiday treat; Make it a chocolate treat and that is even better! So why not head on over to Ethel M Chocolates; Pick yourself out some of the best chocolates, and a canister of hot cocoa; then sit back and enjoy the season with those closest to you.

You can always follow Ethel M Chocolates on social media, where you can stay up to date on everything chocolatey goodness!

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