As far as bucket lists go, the Caribbean is a contender for the most popular travel destination in the world. Ask most people where they would like to go if they had the chance, and they would say Barbados or Trinidad & Tobago. The reasons are the weather, the people, and the difference in culture. Yes, a trip to the Caribbean is unlike any that you will experience in your lifetime, and that’s what makes it great. So, just what can you expect when you touch down?




A Chilled Atmosphere


There aren’t many more places that can boast they are as chilled as the Caribbean. If you want total honesty, life seems to trudge by at a snail’s pace. No one ever rushes, and the people seem to waddle around without any motivation. Even the traffic is laidback in comparison with the rest of the world. All of this isn’t a bad thing – it’s awesome! The lifestyle makes the Caribbean the best place to go and relax and recharge your batteries. You won’t expend any undue energy, and they won’t judge you for being lazy. The only way they will judge you is if you are too eager to get on with life!


Lots Of Dancing


However, their demeanor changes when the sun goes down. As soon as it gets dark, the people start to come out in their droves. The bars and restaurants are full of people enjoying themselves, and the entertainment is apparent. Even better, there is a lot of drinking and dancing. Everywhere you go you will see a group of people whining and jiving to the music. All this leads to a great nightlife that is hard to replicate anywhere else. The atmosphere is amazing, too, as everyone’s in a good mood and ready to party. And, the Caribbeans know how to party!


Plenty Of Island Hopping


If you think South-East Asia is bad for island hopping, wait until you get to the Caribbean. From Barbados to Aruba, there is a plethora of islands to visit. And, every one of them is worth a visit. They all have their little mannerisms and attractions that mean you should try and see as many as possible. Hopefully, you don’t get sea sick because there is a lot of sailing involved. Don’t worry, though – just like the people, the boats don’t go very fast!

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Spicy Food


The people of the Caribbean love their food with a bit of spice and flavor as it reflects their personality as a group. And, spicy food is everywhere. You can even order the fish and it will blow you off of your seat. Plus, they eat different types of animals and cuts, which is very interesting. Mutton or goat is a big favorite and goes well with a bit of jerk spice.


You’ll Want to Stay


After a few days, you won’t want to go home. And, when you see the real estate Nevis and other areas, you’ll be tempted to make an offer. What with the low price and the standard of life, it isn’t hard to see yourself living there for a long time.


One more thing you should know: it will be one of the best vacations of your life.

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