IMUSA Sushi Rolling Set
The IMUSA 3 Piece Sushi Rolling Set is part of the Pan Asia line that's bringing Asian cuisine into your kitchen. Craft your own sushi rolls and let your imagination free by experimenting signature rolls with the ingredients of your choice!

IMUSA Colored Bamboo Chopsticks
The stay-cool IMUSA Bamboo Chopsticks come in a pack of 12 pairs, and are the essential for enjoying the perfect Thai, Vietnamese, Oriental or other Asian-Inspired dishes.

IMUSA Dumpling Press
For those people who may want to serve something else besides sushi, the IMUSA Dumpling Press is a handy tool for prepping dumplings. Use the small and large plastic molds to easily stuff any sort of dough with your favorite savory or sweet filling. The dumpling maker perfectly presses and seals the pastry, making it ready to cook.

IMUSA Lightweight Cast Iron Wok
The IMUSA Lightweight cast Iron Wok introduces practically to style with its super light structure and sleek design. Crafted from cast iron, the IMUSA Lightweight Cast Iron Wok is significantly lighter than traditional woks while still being durable. It comes pre-seasoned to allow for enhanced flavor in each any every dish, and continues to season over time as it's used.

IMUSA Bamboo Steamer
The IMUSA Bamboo Steamer allows for a healthy way to cook while retaining flavor, vitamins and nutrients. Bamboo steamers are great for cooking vegetables, seafood, dim sum and more, and can be used as authentic serving dishes themselves. Making this tool the perfect tool to whip up some non-sushi side dishes.

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