My dad was a plumber for as long as I could remember, he loved his job. When I met my husband and he would help dad, with fixing little things wrong with his car. The first gift he ever got Ray was a set of craftsman tools. Over the years they have been stolen and lost, so as I was looking at his poor toolbox I knew what I wanted to get him, so new tools for him to use as he helps our brother in law with fixing things.

Knipex Tools was the place I started to collect his new stuff, a couple of pieces at a time and he will have all the things he needs. Needle-Nose Combination Pliers are perfect for those jobs when you need something that can fit into tight spaces.

handy use when working in confined areas thanks to slim head design and pointed jaws (anti-twist)
Gripping surfaces with special convex contour on one side for secure gripping of flat parts
milled groove in the gripping area permits small parts such as nails, pins and bolts to be held and pulled
the reliable and diverse combination pliers when out and about
easy cutting thanks to the high leverage joint
with cutting edges for soft, medium-hard and hard wire
long service life and stable tips
forged from special high grade tool steel, manifold oil-hardened

Universal Grip Pliers

tightly holds round or flat material
heavy duty
with adjustment screw and release lever
one-hand operation
high clamping pressure due to toggle lever action
pliers body: rolled steel, high-strength
gripping jaws: Chrome vanadium electric steel, forged


Kapro’s 905 Condor

This is the perfect tool to make sure everything, is nice and even when it comes to the pool deck. They cut each piece and add it and use this to make sure it is all the same and even. I love this we have been using it around the house doing our, little repairs here and there and this lets us know that everything is nice and level. The Condor level features Kapro's Plumb Site Dual-View vial with redEffect which makes the plumb vial even easier to see. Oversized rubber end caps protect this reinforced box profile from knocks and falls, and the Ergonomic handle offers extra comfort for large hands.

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