It’s very important to teach children about great dental hygiene. Even at a young age where we think they don’t understand yet, we should lead by example. We need to let them see us brushing our teeth every morning and night. We have to let them build a positive relationship with their teeth and their mouth. They should not be afraid of their teeth coming in nor when it falls out. I commend The Toothless Monster, because he really helps ease children’s fears when it comes to losing teeth.

The Toothless Monster comes with an adorable blue or purple Monster plush. He’s very soft, cuddly, and cute! My little girl fell in love with him just at first glance. There is a beautiful book by Ryan Dean with the most vibrant and fun illustration by Audrey Gordeev included, and then a set of Toothless Monster teeth.

The aim for The Toothless Monster is so that when your child loses a tooth, the story is read to them. In turn they learn why not having any teeth can become a problem for  the little monster. The child then is encouraged to place their lost baby tooth inside a secret tooth pouch under the monster’s tongue.

The magic happens while your child sleeps, because you then have the Tooth fairy deliver the tooth to Meli. Then she returns a special thank you gift for your child. The parent will then snap a Monster tooth into a place in the mouth of the monster. Also, placing the Tooth Fairy’s gift such as dollars or coins next to the child’s bed, and a fresh fruit from her jungle home.

The whole process repeats itself until Meli has a lot of teeth! It’s very exciting to see children’s reactions when they wake up to seeing gifts left behind for them, and their Monster friend, Meli, gaining a new tooth each time.

This us perfect for preschoolers on up! My little girl is in Elementary school, and even she adores the book and Meli.

Lingo Playing Cards

Another Fun past time that is great for adults as well as mature kids is the Lingo Game! It is a deck of cards that contains 54 of the most commonly used Spanish phrases with its phonetic pronunciations. I love learning new languages and this definitely helps me pick up on more Spanish! Living in the state of Texas has an abundance of Spanish speakers, and it is disheartening to not being able to communicate with them. Using the Lingo Game, I am able to memorize more phrases faster.

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