If you have been amazed on Apple Watch Series 1, 2, & 3, you will be surprised more of how the Apple Watch Series 4 works with its best features. The Apple Watch Series has evolved into a more powerful ticker and thinner than before.

Its mechanism has been re-structured that has a more pleasing appearance with stylish Apple watch straps. Let’s get a glimpse of its best features that arrives at this Apple Watch more innovative and operational.


10 Best Features of Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 has become the most popular watch nowadays because of the following amazing features that most wearers are attracted to:


1. New and Updated Watch Faces

The Apple Watch Series 4 has two new watch faces, namely the Infograph and the Infograph Modular. So, how complicated are these two watches-faces?


The Infograph can show up to eight complications from the available complications such as the Calendar, Air Quality, battery, Favorite Contact, Heart rate, Solar, Earth, News, Music, World Clock, Timer, Stopwatch, Home, Messages, Monogram, Reminders, and Music, among others. This watch face is the most complicated among the others.


Meanwhile, the Infograph Modular can feature up to six full color complications. This is the updated edition of the well-known Modular watch face.

2. Largest Display

Series 4 has the largest display compared to other Series. Its display has more than 30 percent larger than the other Apple Watches. Also, its display technology known as LTPO has an improved power efficiency. Besides, on that point are various and appealing Apple watch bands that hold the appropriate sizes for the large display of Series 4.


3. Upgraded Optical Heart Sensor

The previous Apple Watches have an optical sensor that could your heart rate quickly. This sensor is now upgraded. In Apple Watch Series 4, it can now identify your heart rate if it descends under the particular threshold in 10 minutes, which could be a sign of bradycardia, in which the nerve does not pump sufficient oxygen-rich blood into the torso.


4. More Compact Digital Crown

The digital crown of Series 4 is smaller than the other Apple watches. But it possesses more features such as the improved Haptic feedback that can provide a click-like feel while scrolling. Also, it has 21 percent more components than the other models. In sum, it has a metal cap on the crown that serves as an electrode for taking the ECG.


5. Back Ceramic Material

The material for the back case of Series 4 is constructed from ceramic, which allows the ECG sensor to operate. The previous watches have a metal back case.


6. Fast S4 Chip

The improved S4 that is the brain in Series 4 makes this watch works amazingly. It runs on a complete System in Package (SiP). The S4 in Series 4 is almost twice as fast as the Series 3.


7. ECG Sensor

Apple Watch Series 4 can read your ECG, which is sanctioned by the FDA and endorsed by the American Heart Association. Simply, click the start, then maintain a finger on the side of the Digital Crown.


8. Loud Speakers


The Apple Watch Series delivers an improved and powerful audio quality with its 50 percent louder speaker. Hence, this series can answer and make phone calls, Face Time Calls, and chat with Siri. Besides, it receives a microphone that is localized to the opposite side to lessen the echoes.


9. 2x Faster CPU


The CPU of the Apple Watch Series 4 is about 2x faster than the previous Apple watches. This means it can work fast in opening apps and have better performance.


10. Upgraded Gyro Accelerometer

The Series 4 has upgraded gyroscope accelerometer that features fall detection, slip, or trip. It will alert you in one instance you have fallen, cutting, or stumble. And post a message if you need to address emergency services or not. If the Series 4 does not identify any movement in 60 minutes, then it will automatically generate an emergency service call.


The Bottom Line

The Apple Watch Series 4 is redefined to a more innovative watch with the above powerful features. Besides, it will have a more appealing and pleasing appearance with its gold-tone color combined with elegant Apple watch bands. Pretty certain, a must-have Apple watch in your watch box.



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