Top 10 Friendly Pet Hotels Around the World

Many hotels across the world have made it easier for tourists to bring their four-legged pals along by instituting pet-friendly rules. However, a select few luxury hotels go above and above to welcome canine guests and pamper them with extravagant treats, services, and amenities. From top stylist grooming services to gourmet in-room dining menus and designer clothing upon arrival, your dog will be far from ruffing it on your next family vacation at these dog-friendly hotels.

The 10 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels Around The World

There's nothing like being able to bring your dog along on vacation, especially if it's an overnight trip. However, not all hotels and most Airbnb rentals allow pets. Here are the 10 hotels that welcome your four-legged companion.

#1. Le Bristol, France

Since 1925, the world's elite has flocked to Le Bristol for its historic grandeur and beautiful Parisienne lifestyle. Le Bristol provides all of your pet's opulent needs, such as bottles of ice Evian mineral water, monogrammed bone-shaped goodies, and a rug embroidered with your pet's name. If that isn't enough, the hotel's resident Burmese cat Fa-Raon is a great companion — look for him cuddled up on the soft chairs or lurking about the garden walkways.

#2. Las Ventanas, Mexico

Nothing is too much at Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort, an opulent adult paradise featuring aromatherapy turndown service and a team dedicated to catering to your needs. Dog butlers provide the same degree of treatment to your canine companion as you do, including complimentary dog massages and “doga” classes. Canine cabanas on the beach provide shade from the sun, and the Canine Delights restaurant provides made-to-order food. If it's a special occasion, have the butler plan a birthday party for your dog and their mates, complete with “pupcakes.”

#3. Belmond Reid's Palace, Madeira

Reid's Palace, which was established in 1891 on the Portuguese island of Madeira, has hosted several notable visitors. Famous names include Winston Churchill and George Bernard Shaw.

It now provides the same VIP treatment to guests' dogs. The private stay, dubbed Puppy Palace, consists of a sanctuary expressly created to give a secure haven for canines to be groomed, delighted, and revived. Some of the luxurious treatments include a luxury wash and dry fluff service, soothing full-body grooming, and personal training sessions. Dog walking and dog sitting services are offered for guests planning a big night out in Madeira.

Belmond Reid's Palace will even arrange for a behavioral assessment to help worried mutts regain mind-body equilibrium if your dog gets into any mischief. Finally, the hotel's Michelin-starred restaurant will happily serve daily meals for around $40, including delights like beef tartare with vegetables and fruit, salmon tartare with banana, strong meatballs, and boiling rice with chicken and vegetables, and veal liver with mushrooms and onions.

#4. Cliveden House, United Kingdom

Cliveden's huge 17th-century estate has witnessed over 300 years of festivities, hosted nearly every British king, and now boasts a chef who once starred in a famous Mayfair restaurant. You can expect nothing less than the finest dining experience for your dog at Cliveden House, where every luxury is catered to. Choose from the chef's handpicked canine menu. As they enjoy room service, you may sample André Garrett's culinary expertise for yourself.

#5. The London West Hollywood, United States

The London West Hollywood, located in the center of West Hollywood, greets guests with their own two lovely bulldogs, Winston and Churchill. The hotel's official mascots live at The London full-time. Every day, guests can meet and play with the dogs at their favorite hangout spot, Hampton Court, or on the tranquil rooftop pool. Guests are welcome to bring their own dog – one dog per room for their hotel stay – and a pet sitter or dog walker can be hired in advance. Executive Chef Anthony Keene's “Winston menu” includes dog-friendly cuisine selections such as “the London pooch,” a dry food menu, and doggy bag treats. Rooms start at $253 per night.

#6. The Langham, Sydney

The Langham is Sydney's only pet-friendly luxury hotel, and it accepts cats, birds, and dogs under 44 pounds for around $85 per pet. The Pampered Pets program at the hotel includes a soft bed, bowls, treats, and an exquisite in-room meal menu with options for all types of animal buddies. There's roast Angus meat for dogs, ocean-fresh sushi and poached salmon for cats, and crisp, crunchy crudités for birds.

If their human companions prefer to spend a few hours at the spa, the hotel also provides pet-sitting services. Pet owners who want to spoil their pets can do so by purchasing a pet product from The Flavors of Langham, the hotel's on-site shop, on their way back to their room.

#7. Kai Kinugawa, Japan

Stressed-out city dwellers flock to Japan's hot spring (onsen) hotels for much-needed rest and relaxation. Many now welcome pets due to the country's rising pet ownership. The luxury onsen hotel KAI by Hoshino Resorts in the famous spring town of Kinugawa is one such pet-friendly castle that has evolved with the times.

The specially constructed dog rooms at the hotel include:

  • Pet towels.
  • Bowls.
  • An outdoor dog run.
  • Even private hot spring tubs for both dogs and humans.

There are numerous walking trails nearby, including Nikko National Park and Hunter Mountain Shiobara.

#8. Kimpton Hotel, Monaco Seattle

The pet policy at Kimpton Hotels is straightforward: they are welcome to stay if your pet can fit through the door. Although you may have to leave your horse at home, almost anything else is acceptable. In the past, guests have included baby pigs, llamas, and goats. Unsurprisingly, dogs are the most frequent visitors. Each of the group's 60 hotels worldwide will supply water bowls, treats, pet beds, toys, and clean-up bags for your furry buddy at no extra fee. Many hotels even have a canine Director of Pet Relations, who greets human guests and their pets and ensures that all facilities are in good working order.

The Kimpton Monaco Seattle offers a delicious doggie dining menu for a nominal fee that includes smoked beef marrow bones, pig skin chew toy, beef stew, grilled hamburger, and a frozen dessert, Pupsicle made from peanut butter, yogurt, and banana. The hotel welcomes dogs all year.

#9. The Hoxton, Amsterdam

While many hotels now welcome dogs, until today, few have designed web pages specifically for them, written in their native canine language. The Hoxton hotel's newly established Hox Hounds website offers all the information your dog needs regarding their stay, which has been kindly translated into woofs and barks and illustrated by London designer Alice Bowsher. Furthermore, the Hoxton Amsterdam provides dogs with their own custom-made dog bed, Do Not Disturb sign, and dog-friendly Mutt Manual, complete with local dog walkers' details, the best parks, pet spas vets, and plenty more.

#10. Rosewood, London

Some individuals may take their pets on vacation because it is convenient; others take them for pampering that most people would envy, let alone other animals. The Rosewood London's “Luxury Canine Package” is one such extravagant experience in which pets and owners are treated like royalty. For the puppies, there's a fashionable dog bed, collar, leash, and coat made by British heritage brand Barbour and a one-hour grooming session with renowned dog groomer Jamie Griffen. There's also no need to pack dog food because the Rosewood serves natural and organic foods from Lily's Kitchen. The owners get access to a Grand Premier suite, spa treatments, a personal butler service, and a full English breakfast.

Our pets have a tendency to run around, causing things to tumble or break. Sometimes they'll ask for food while you're eating. It causes a lot of worries if you want to travel around the world with your furbaby. However, we can't deny that animals are adorable, and many people will agree that having them around is a joy. These 10 friendly pet hotels around the world enjoy fulfilling their clients' aspirations of interacting with house pets or other animals in their immediate area.

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