Itching for a getaway into the wilderness for some fresh air to realign your chakras? Here are ten recommended outdoor activities in the UK to satiate the nature lover and daredevil deep in you. 


  1. Go Kayaking in the seas surrounding the Highlands of Scotland.

This is the perfect choice for nature lovers who are looking for a beginner course in kayaking, with a side of hiking. This is a great opportunity for one to explore their aptitudes and interest in kayaking for those not well-acquainted with the activity. Spanning across four days, the planned course by Wilderness Scotland will allow participants to catch the sights of the elusive remote bays and uninhabited islands of Scotland’s west coast. There are plenty of chances to also encounter wildlife native to the area, such as sea eagles and porpoises. The cherry on top would be the guided tour from Gairloch village, a well-known spot among locals for whale spottings; definitely making this a memorable experience. This suggestion is great for all aged sixteen and above, preferably with a grown adult, and it is rated as low to mid-level difficulty by experts.


   2. Jump into the river of Oxfordshire and swim to your heart’s content.

This itinerary is planned by SwimTrek and this experience will allow swimming enthusiasts to test their limits with professional supervision and guidance. Do not confuse river swimming with sea swimming though. Interested participants should already have a basic grasp of open-water swimming and be capable of finishing a total daily distance of 6km, split into parts. The swimming path runs from the riverbank in Buscot Lock all the way to Buckland Marsh, along the most prominent waterway of England. Recommended for all above the age of sixteen, but be warned of its high difficulty.


  3, Disconnect and immerse yourself in the wilderness around you by going wild camping at Glenfeshie, Cairngorms. 

Go wild camping without breaking any laws in Scotland. Take time to reflect and relax without any external disturbances and worries. Not only is Glenfeshie widely known for its great results from its rewilding efforts a while back, but it is also the starting location of many popular hiking routes. This makes Glenfeshie a great campsite and area for interested parties to camp for a night before going for a hike the next morning. With the breathtaking sights offered by nearby waterfalls and mountains, this recommendation is suitable for travelers of all ages as it generally poses little to no risk.

      4.  Conquer the daunting Via Ferrata of Cumbria 

Via Ferrata, the climbing route located at Honister Slate Mine of Cumbria is not for the weak at heart. A whopping 2,000 feet above the valley of Buttermere and Borrowdale, it is ideal for those who can conquer the heights, and enjoy a stunning birds’ eye view of Lake District. There are different routes for people of different skill and confidence levels, ranging from Classic to Xtreme, but all last around three hours to complete. It is a definite must go for thrill-seekers, but do ensure that you are in the pink of health and perfectly fit. This activity is great for everyone above age 10. Despite how scary this may sound, this activity is manageable so as long one is not averse to heights. 


   5. Trail running at Devon

Dashing across empty landscapes can be strangely liberating and destressing.  Guided and supervised trail run services around the Dartmoor and Exmoor parks, as well as the South West Coast Path are provided for people of different fitness levels. Wild Running also caters group holiday packages where participants get to enjoy a satisfying six to twelve miles daily and recuperate at a peaceful riverside apartment overnight.


   6. Never get lost again with a navigation course at Foolow, Peak District

Everyone has gotten off track and lost their way at one point in their lives. Beat the anxiety and stress you experienced when you are lost by picking up navigation as a skill. Organized by seasoned mountain experts and certified rock climbing instructors, this navigation course covers basic map reading, compass navigation, route planning, walking on bearing, and other navigation essentials. Lessons will be held at the Peak District village of Foolow, and participants can take in the beautiful sights of the limestone landscape and spring orchards. This course might not be as exhilarating as the other options but will help to build the necessary confidence for other outdoor activities such as hiking or trekking. This activity is recommended for adults beyond the age of 18.


    7. Rock Climbing at Snowdonia

Gaia Adventures offer fun climbing days for those interested to make the leap from indoor rock climbing to climbing rock walls in the wilderness at the mountain and cliffs overlooking Snowdon. It will expose participants to essential rock climbing skills, guided by a seasoned instructor. Great for anyone above the age of 10, but do expect the activity to be on the strenuous side. 

   8. Catch the waves and go surfing at North Yorkshire beach

Saltburn Surf School holds beginner classes for those interested to pick up surfing. The folks and instructors over there are the most experienced bunch in the area. With some determination and resilience, anyone above the age of eight should be able to catch the beginner waves after this activity. 


   9.  Go Paragliding at Surrey

Paragliding is a great choice for those who wish to experience soaring across the sky. The good news is that no prior experience is needed for this activity when booking a flight with Green Dragons. Rest assured that you will be in good hands as the Green Dragons team has been operating for over 40 years now. All you have to do is pluck your courage and go for it.  Do take note that any persons under the age of 18 will require parental consent for this activity.


 10.  Go birdwatching at the Pocklington Canal of Yorkshire Wolds

The Pocklington spans across 9.5 miles and is home to multiple species of precious and rare wildlife. River Trust has chosen this place for their Introduction to Birdwatching for this reason and participants can expect to spot the exotic kingfisher, as well as other uncommon avians. Their trained guides will also share various methods to identify species through sound and sight and give a brief introduction into bird mating and mating practices.

We hope that these recommendations got you excited to leave all your troubles and worries behind and explore the wonderful sights that nature has to offer! Besides everything on this list, there are definitely tons of other outdoor activities that you can try during your holidays. If you want to start with something simple, try going camping in Britain; it is a surefire way to bond with your family and friends!

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