Top 10 Styling Tips Every Woman Should Know: By Style Shark

Every once in a while, most of us experience style-related issues and problems. For example,

  • A pair of jeans that we had planned to wear on a special date suddenly seems too tight. 
  • The sexy stiletto that was supposed to be the first-date favorite simply looks worn out. 
  • Go-to comfortable white sneakers look faded and stained all while sitting in the closet. 

There might be moments when despite having an extensive closet, we feel something is amiss. Every one of us has faced certain and style and fashion-related dilemmas.

With so much to do when it comes to juggling personal and professional lives, stepping out every time looking like a million bucks is tough.

Thankfully, we have our experts at Shop Style Shark. We take their help and look at the top ten styling tips that every woman should know to overcome a fashion crisis. If you want to look stylish every time you step out of the house, this article is for you.

List of Top 10 Styling Tips Every Woman should know

  1. Organizing the Closet for Better Visibility and Accessibility-

Yes, the first styling tip is something that is not even related to fashion per se! On the contrary, it is dedicated to management and organization.

Planning how your closet is can be the ultimate answer to ‘I cannot find this’, or, ‘I think I have lost it’, scenarios. Try to plan out the closet between workwear, casual wear, special occasion wear, and home wear.

Arrange everything from your dresses to your footwear and accessories based on this. You will see that arranging your closet alone helps address fifty percent of your problems.

  1. Prioritize Wardrobe Must-Haves-

We all know how some styles and pieces of fashion clothing are evergreen. For example, the simple white shirt, or a pair of blue jeans, or that sexy little LBD that is perfect for special occasions.

You need to ensure that you have all the essential wardrobe must-haves. The benefit of having them is that you can always turn to them in case of doubt. The best part is, you will never look out of place whenever you have them on.

This includes women shoes like knee-length boots, strappy sandals, and a pair of mules that can be worn with anything.

  1. Understand your body type and dress confidently-

Ever wondered what is the X-Factor that makes something good, truly great? It is Confidence! whenever you are styling yourself, go for fashion clothing that suits your body type and personality.

If you are not feeling confident after wearing something, drop it immediately. It is not the clothes that some people wear that make them look absolutely stunning. It is the confidence with which they carry themselves.

We all have different personalities and body types. What someone else feels confident in, you might not. This is an important styling tip.

  1. Examine your overall look in the fitting room carefully-

If you are buying a sexy dress, you need to put on some nice heels in the fitting room. Trying the dress with some New Balance sneakers on will not help you picture yourself.

Every dress will look wrong with sneakers on! This is why attention should be paid to the trial and fitting. One great styling tip that most experts agree on is- never shop in a rush!

If you do not have time on your hands, fix a later date where you will. The same is true for shopping on online Ecommerce platforms as well. They have size guides for a reason.

  1. Do not be afraid to accessorize your outfits-

A great art-deco jewelry piece, a bag with some bright colors, or that scarf with a funky print. Accessories are your statement pieces that can elevate the overall look and feel of any outfit.

This is why, you need to invest in accessories, whatever they may be. Experts recommend carrying at least one accessory piece whenever you are stepping out.

Glasses can also be considered as an accessory piece that can complement your overall look and feel. Try to avoid too many accessories that pop. Having just one is a great balance.

  1. Have a Secret Tailor or a Seamstress who can fix anything-

We all know someone or have been to someone who can take something generic and make it personalized. Almost all celebrities have that one tailor who can make the clothing according to your body type and size.

This helps sort the size issues that we regularly encounter. How often have we let go of a great dress or jacket, simply because it was one size too big? Imagine having a tailor who could very easily fit the same in your body size. This is why you need to shop  for men's and women's shoes that start on the right foot of fashion. Once you do that, you know whatever you are buying is stylish and can be used.

This is something that is very important in the world of styling, but sadly not everyone pays attention to it.

  1. Try to always experiment with colors, textures, and patterns-

Most of us can be guilty of being too conservative as far as colors, textures, and patterns go. Every once in a while, we need to step out of our comfort zone and experiment with something bold.

Going for brighter shades can change the look and style of an outfit completely. Patterns are currently trending and most styling experts feel that this is a good way to add some panache to your outfit.

You might never know what looks and feels great on you until you have tried the same. This is why experimenting with bright bags, scarves and footwear is the key.

  1. Master the Art of Layering your clothes-

This is something that is not easy to learn. In fact, it might take you more than a few fashion faux pas to get it right.

However, once you can master the art of layering, you will be able to know so much more about styling yourself in the right manner. Start slowly by layering a short top or tee on top of a shirt. Opt for some fishnet stockings under your denim skirt.

Layering can help you hide body flab as well as highlight areas that you feel attracted about. You should always consult experts as far as learning about layering goes.

  1. Never pick out an outfit at the last minute-

The key to looking stylish and feeling fashionable is planning. If you are a working professional, you should plan your workwear.

This means having everything ready and tried one day before you have to wear it. If you have a crisis, you have time to resolve it. The same goes for events, dates, or any other occasion.

Do not leave your decision up until the very last minute, as things can get chaotic. This is why all styling experts agree on arranging the closet and planning the outfit at least a day in advance.

  1. Shop with the Most Stylish Fashion Brands-

There are so many options and showrooms every time we step into a mall. However, most of the time we do not find something that we are looking for.

Do you know why that happens? It takes place because most fashion brands do not understand what people want. If you can lock down a brand that understands fashion and your sense of styling, that is half the battle won.

This is why you need to shop at brands that start on the right foot of fashion. Once you do that, you know whatever you are buying is stylish and can be used.

The Bottom Line

Look around you, celebrities stick to their style and look a million bucks all the time. Just like them, you too need to find out what suits you and what doesn’t. like we said before, confidence plays a key role in the world of fashion and styling.

If you have any specific questions on styling tips, please feel free to drop them in the comments below. If you think you can add to the list of styling tips that we have mentioned in the article, you are most welcome to do the same.

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