Choosing a topic for your essay is a tedious task but once you read this article it will no longer be a tiresome task. There are primarily these 10 tips. All in all, these 10 tricks at can help you to get a good essay topic.


1. Select a topic in which you have an interest. Do not go in for a random bambastic topic. Choose a topic which interests you.

2. You need to have a know how about the topic you choose. Choose a topic about which you are aware. Do not simply go in for a tempting essay topic that will serve no purpose.

3. Restrict the horizons of your thoughts in a way that you can manage the same. Choose any topic but before that ask yourself a question if you can really explore the topic and prove your point in the small amount of space you have available to fill.

4. Approach a topic in a different yet interesting way. Do not choose a topic that will eventually prove too broad to be covered. Go in for a topic that has certain restrictions as far as the content to be overed is concerned.

5. Conduct proper research workdo not deend on theadvice of a random person. Not even your own mind. Simply use the conventional and modern sources to find out the best topic for your essay. You will surely get a good topic or else you will get sure of the fact that whether the topic that you have chosen is worth it or not.

6. You need to Brain storm.nothong comes easy and not espeially the topic. Use your mind and analyse that what are the topics for the essay that can be chosen in order to prepare the same effectively.

7. Stay aware of your surroundings. What is the heating issue of the time. Is it something related to the politics? Or is something that has to deal with the environment or some social issue?what is it? You simply need to find an answering by staying aware about the happenings in your environment.
8. Seek assistance. Do not panic or overthink. Simply gain confidence go to your subject teacher and ask her what topic will best suit the need of an hour.

9. Make use of an old topic. If its not the same subject or the same person who is going to read your topic then one clever approach that you can follow is re writing the essay on the same topic that you have already done it once. Be it a onth oldor the years old, it hardly matters unless the same person is not going to read it.

10. Let it be anything. In a matter of urgency when nothing strikes your mind then go in for any random topc. By the time you start conducting the research you will find that you already have a lot to cover in that essay topic and that you are flooded with the content.

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