Top 10 Travel Hacks You Should Know



Traveling can be fun, but it can also be stressful. The following travel hacks will help you save money and make your trip less stressful.


  1. Pack light


Packing light is one of the travel hacks that you should know. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, packing light means you can get around more easily, and possibly even save a bit of money in the process.


Instead of packing your entire wardrobe, stick to the essentials. If you are traveling for a long time, make sure to strategically plan out your outfits. Bring versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched together so that you can create different looks with the same clothing items.


A little planning goes a long way!


  1. Use packing cubes


Packing cubes are a traveler's best friend. Not only do they help you stay organized, but they also help compress your clothes so that you can carry more in your luggage.


If you are new to packing cubes, these are basically small bags that fit inside your suitcase and allow you to separate and organize your clothing. They are perfect for anyone who wants to save space while traveling!


The best part about packing cubes is that they come in all different shapes and sizes so there is something for everyone.


One of the most common use cases is separating clean clothes from dirty ones by putting them into separate bags when packing up before leaving home.


This makes it easy to unpack once you arrive at your destination without having to go through everything one by one looking for what needs washing!


And if one bag gets full then just grab another one from the drawer in hotel room – no need for extra laundry trips or worry about overpacking on this trip!


  1. Carry-on essentials


One of the travel hacks that you should know it to Carry-on essentials because you will never want a situation where your luggage gets lost. So always carry important things with you on the plane so that even if your luggage gets lost, you would have enough for a few days. It is always good to keep some extra clothes, basic toiletries and medicines in your hand bag.


  1. Keep your suitcase organized


One of the travel hacks that you should know it to Keep your suitcase organized.


This is a way to be sure you are not going from one place to another, looking for things in all the pockets and other compartments of your suitcase. It’s a waste of time and it will frustrate you in the process.


You should always keep things where they belong so you can easily find them when you want.


  1. Bring a portable charger


One of the travel hacks that you should know it to  Bring a portable charger because you don't want your phone or tablet to die on you.


If you do not want to bring a power bank, make sure that you have an extra back up battery for your phone. That will be very handy and useful especially when you're making a phone call from overseas or when you're using it as a GPS to get around the new town.


  1. Don't schedule too much of your time


one of the travel hacks that you should know is to  Don't schedule too much of your time because often you will spend most of your time in traffic. You are going to say yes to everything and then have to skip or cancel something last minute.


Think about all the things you want to do and then look them up individually. Have a solid idea of what you want to see and do, but don't plan out every minute of your trip. Keep an hour or two free in the early evening so you can be spontaneous and not get stuck in a jam while trying to get back on time.


  1. Try local transportation instead of taxis or private cars


If you have never been to a foreign country before, then you may be intimidated by all the traveling options available. There are different ways to travel in every country, but if you want to save money and get the most out of your vacation, then you should try out local transportation instead of taxis or private cars.


  1. Book hotels with breakfast included


If you're looking for ways to save on your next trip and are already a frequent traveler, there are some great ways to save on your travel expenses. One of the travel hacks that you should know is to book hotels with breakfast included.


This can help you save a lot of money. One way you can use this is to eat a good breakfast before heading out for the day so that you won't need to buy lunch, or at least eat something light like a sandwich or salad.


  1. Don't forget travel insurance


While it may seem like a good way to save a few dollars, travel insurance is always worth your consideration.


It can provide essential cover for medical expenses incurred while overseas, cancelation or interruption of your itinerary and theft or loss of baggage and personal effects.


  1. Get a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees.


You’ll save yourself 2-3% on every purchase you make in another country. Capital One offers cards with no foreign transaction fees, and there are many more out there.


  1. Always use a VPN when connected to public networks.


A VPN connects you to the Internet through an encrypted tunnel, meaning no one can see what you’re doing. This is especially important when connecting to public WiFi networks at hotels or coffee shops, as they’re frequently exploited by hackers looking to steal your information.


  1. Book flights at least 4 months in advance for the best prices.


And avoid traveling during peak times like the holidays and school breaks if you want cheap airfare. The absolute cheapest time to book flights is between 3-7 weeks before your departure dates, though you’re typically looking at savings of $10-$20/ticket instead of hundreds of dollars as you would have saved had you booked 4+ months in advance.


One can build up a travel hack arsenal in several different ways. To begin, it is helpful to remember that every trip is unique and has different needs. One trip could be all about relaxation and luxury, while another could be all about finding the cheapest flight on any carrier that can get you there. 


Most of these hacks are intended to make your trip easier, more manageable, and better quality at little to no added cost. Obviously you could apply some of them to business travel as well, though if you are doing serious business some of the tips might not apply; in those cases it’s best to check with a travel agent or research things carefully online.

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