Top 4 Types Of Tables For Your Home



When decorating your home, important pieces of furniture to think about throughout your home are tables. Smaller tables provide you with a surface to line drinks and eat, stack books, and place accent lighting. Larger tables are made for gathering with friends and family. You would possibly be surprised at just what percentage tables you would like throughout your home though. There are such a large number of different kinds of tables out there!

 This article puts together a buying guide for the various styles of tables to help you identify what tables you will need throughout your home. 


Accent Table 

An accent table or side table can be found next to the furniture on which a person will sit, such as a chair, sofa, or even a bed. These tables offer some practical convenience, aiming to keep items like lamps, books, and drinks close together while you're sitting. Side tables come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to meet all design and function needs. One of the things to consider while buying a side table is to understand and know how much function you need to get out of that table. Another thing to consider would be the design of the table if you want to go bold or straightforward with the design. 

Coffee Table 

It is a table designed to be placed in the center of the living room seating area. One of the essentials on our living room checklist, the coffee table offers convenience as a place to decorate and put your books, prepare your drinks, and even gather together to play the game. Coffee tables come in many shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. These days rustic coffee table sets are the consumer's top choice. In particular, coffee tables tend to be centred around your sofa, positioned enough to move between two pieces of furniture, but close enough that you can easily reach whatever is on the table. 


Console Table

Console tables are decorated and functional at the same time. It is because they are narrow and unobstructed, they work great along the walls and bushes and corridors, offering a surface for trees, lamps, and decor without creating any hazards to obstruct the passage. They are also great for use behind a floating sofa and can be used in place of a larger cabinet or media cabinet for smaller spaces. Many console tables have drawers and a bottom shelf for a little extra storage and some surface area but some only offered a countertop.



A desk is a piece of furniture used as a workspace in your home office. They are also available in many shapes, sizes, and stands! Whether you’re creating, writing, or working on a computer there is a desk for all your work needs. Some writing desks have a minimalist design and are just tabletops with no storage legs. The other kind of desk style has built-in storage for office supplies, paperwork, and files. 


These are the four main types of tables that are commonly used at home. You can contact your architect or an interior designer and we can help you realise an ideal home that perfectly suits your preference.


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