Swaddling is not just a trend that is spreading all over the globe at this moment, it is a well proved method for calming your infant down, protecting him from too many movements and stimuli that are making your child cry excessively. It provides the baby with much needed rest, which is extremely important for a sensitive mind and body, helps to prolong the duration of sleep and even keeps the child safe from scratching.

Even more important than that, studies proved that proper swaddling even protects your child from SIDS. Although this matter is a bit controversial because of an obvious reason, it is proven that if babies are properly tucked in and laid on their backs with their neck and head exposed for easy breathing, the risk is reduced and babies are healthier and they respond calmer. Researchers are yet to prove the right causes of SIDS, but symptoms do indicate increased stress level, problems with breathing and heart. The feeling of swaddling in cloth or blanket allows your infant to experience the same warmth of the womb and all external factors are yet to be obtained gradually, so choose your swaddle bag carefully, this was my pick.


nice sleeping baby
nice sleeping baby

However, there are certain risks that you have to be aware of, and furthermore you have to make sure that your toddler is tucked in and secured not too tight, but not too loose as well. The following are possible risks that you have to avoid; you cannot care enough when it comes to your infant’s health and wellbeing.

Hip Dysplasia

The reason why your physician checks your baby’s hips and legs is because of the risk of the upper thighbone dislocating from the hip. Although this problem may appear due to the lack of certain hormones, and is more often with baby girls, the incorrect swaddling can surely make this difficulty even worse. Genetic predisposition is also a factor at hand and some babies simply have the tendency, so if you know that you had cases of hip dysplasia in your family, pay extra attention.

Acute Respiratory Infection

One somewhat older study from Turkey and China, where swaddling is a common practice for centuries, suggests that three out of four infants suffered the case of pneumonia because of the improper swaddling. Although this study is still questioned, it is a reason more to learn how to do it properly.




The problem is obvious and the solution is simple. Remove all extra bedding, use a cloth rather than a blanket, and if your baby is dressed in layers you can also remove some of the clothing. Check your thermostat, and swaddle your baby with one arm free, or even with both arms outside of the cloth or blanket. Have regular checkups and make sure that everything is comfortably warm.

Improper Placement

You can even increase the risk of SIDS if you place your baby prone when swaddled. For obvious reasons, please always have your baby placed on its back and with neck and head fully exposed.



Do not change the practice

Once you started swaddling your child, do not change this practice, especially not during its most sensitive period between second and third month. The shock could be dangerous. If you are wondering when you should stop swaddling, you can start considering this after the sixth month. Of course, it is not unusual to keep doing it even during the ninth month. When you do decide to stop, do it gradually and slowly, the baby needs to adapt. For more information, you can go here https://ingeniousbaby.com/sleep-training-baby/


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