Top 6 Common Causes of Tooth Pain


A throbbing tooth can actually ruin your day. This is because it will make it difficult for you to eat, smile or even concentrate in whatever activity you are doing. Many people tend to ask what really causes toothache. Below are the top 6 common causes of tooth pain and how to go about them:

Sensitivity To Changes In Temperature

This remains one of the most common triggers of tooth pain. There are people whose teeth have high sensitivity to either cold or hot items. Whenever you feel a recurring sharp pain during or immediately after consuming a hot or cold substance, it is a clear indication of sensitivity. The root-cause of this problem is an exposed dentin due to worn-out enamel.

Tooth Decay

This occurs when your teeth has been dissolved by bacterial actions exposing both the enamel and dentin. Tooth decay is brought about when you allow carbohydrates and proteins to stay in your mouth for a long time, giving oral bacteria a chance to break them into acids. The combination of acids, bacteria, and food debris result into a plague which dissolves the enamel thus creating cavities.

Tooth Fractures

A fracture that extends into the nerves will definitely cause pain to the affected party. It is possible to chip your teeth when sporting, through an accidental fall or while using your teeth wrongly. It is however important to note that fractures may not be painful as soon as they occur. Minor fractures may not be painful at all.

Abscessed Tooth

Dental abscess is a result of increased build-up of harmful bacteria in the tooth’s pulp chamber thereby affecting the roots as well as the surrounding tissues. It presents a significant challenge that it actually becomes difficult to establish which of the teeth is affected. This is because it generates a pulsating pain across the affected area.

Gum Disease

This has been majorly attributed to poor dental hygiene. Poor dental care allows the bacteria to eat your teeth’s gum line resulting into swollen, tender and bleeding gums. The most common types of gum disease are gingivitis and periodontitis. Neither of them is good for your oral health.

Teeth Alignment

Orthodontic tooth alignment is another common cause of tooth pain. The pain, however, should not last longer. It mostly comes immediately after the use of braces or retainers and should gradually die within a few days.

Other possible causes of toothache include:

⦁ Improper brushing of teeth
⦁ Bruxism, and
⦁ Damaged or improper sealants


It is highly recommended that you consult the nearest dentist in Brisbane or in your local area whenever you experience one or more of the following:

1. Persistent headache/fever
2. Swelling around the oral cavity
3. A constantly throbbing tooth pain, and
4. A bad smelling liquid from the mouth

It’s important to understand that good oral health is a very significant aspect for you and your family. The following are possible treatment options for various causes of toothache:
⦁ Sensitivity: use of special toothpaste designed to significantly reduce teeth sensitivity
⦁ Tooth decay: mostly involves use of sealants/fillings to block the holes and cavities
⦁ Dental abscess: x-ray is normally preferred for further diagnosis followed by cutting and draining the affected areas. Antibiotics may be prescribed if the problem is not severe.
⦁ Gum diseases: proper brushing and flossing, use of antibiotics or minor surgeries in the case of periodontitis
Many dental experts have agreed that the primary cause of toothache and related problems is tooth decay. Therefore, maintaining a proper oral hygiene is key. Consider brushing using recommended toothpaste, flossing at least once a day and visiting your Dentist in Naples regularly