A friend is someone that you love, respect, and accept no matter what happens. We all have friends that have personality traits that we absolutely hate but let go of because we love them and can’t imagine our lives without them. Having a high maintenance friend is something and having a Hedonist friend is absolutely different. This is because your Hedonist friend just wants to maximize life’s pleasures.

Buying your Hedonist friend a gift is not a hard task but it needs some serious thinking to give them a chance to indulge in and enjoy your present.

  1. A Trip

Nothing beats giving your friend a trip to their favorite destination whether they have been there before or not, this gift is definitely special. If you can afford it, you can start planning out the whole trip for them and take care of all the details.

Think of how awesome it would be to book them a flight to Europe and rent a luxurious car for them to drive around from one European country to another, you can plan their route and book their accommodation too.

   2.Fancy Cigars

Make sure you look for Cuban, hand made batches of cigar that doesn’t necessarily cost a fortune. You will find plenty of options and information about cigars online including some very interesting options. The options at Gotham Cigars can give you insight into the variety that is available online.

If you’re lucky, you may even get discounted rates and special offers with certain retailers, just make sure you keep an eye out. The best thing about this gift is that if your friend is a fan of cigars they’ll appreciate any high-quality blend you get them. You will find plenty of different blends with variable price options to fit your budget available online.

  3. Vintage Items

Do you know what could be a once in a life type gift for your Hedonist friend? A super cool, sexy sports vintage car. If a vintage car sounds like an extreme option then you might want to go for vintage sunglasses or high-end brand watches. Also, vintage shirts, dresses, and shoes are becoming super trendy and sophisticated lately.

 4. Their Favorite Drink

A bottle of their favorite drink is always a great option to maximize their pleasure and delectation. You can also consider buying them a personalized cocktail shaker or a rare whiskey bottle.

The best thing about this option is that it’s the easiest to get done, you will look for a few high-end bottles that are available online, and if you’re lucky enough you’ll be able to buy them at discounted rates.

 5. A Once in a Lifetime Adventure 

Give them a chance to go to Madagascar and experience the jungle wildlife or take them to see the beautiful forests in Australia. You can also book them a trip with that hiker they follow on social media or take them to skydive in Dubai. If you’re thinking of something more unique you can consider Ayahuasca and psychedelic tourism if that is their kind of thing.

  6. A Toy

Believe it or not some action figures are worth thousands of dollars sometimes. Depending on how rare the pieces you find are, simple toys can be extremely valuable and well appreciated by those who focus on maximizing their joy. Don’t be afraid to buy them some sex toys too if that’s their kind of thing. If they have enough space at home then you might force them to dedicate a room for VR by getting them all the VR tools available.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get your Hedonist friend a special gift. Hedonist could be about simple experiences that make one feel satisfied and happy. You can take them to a puppy farm if they have a thing for dogs or buy them tickets to a horse competition if that’s their kind of thing.

The most important thing to think about when buying any kind of friend a gift is to make sure the gift feels personal and is well thought of. It’s not about how much it costs you or how crazy and extreme it is as long as it’s tailored to them.

If you have enough connections you can try and get them to meet their favorite celebrity or public figure for dinner or a few drinks. Spending a day with a person you only watch on TV or read about on social media could be extremely pleasing.

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