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Having a pet is a big responsibility, especially if you live in a high-rise condominium. Aside from the costs of having to spend thousands of pesos on vet bills and pet supplies, it can also get tricky when you have to juggle your busy schedule. There are a lot of pets out there that are more high maintenance than low maintenance but did you know that there are also pets out there that are low maintenance?


Well, look no further because here are the top low-maintenance pets. As you search for your perfect companion, it's important to think about what type of pet will fit into your lifestyle and provide you with lots of love, fun, and entertainment!


Just imagine having a companion that never argues with you, that can always play and will never get sick. Sounds impossible? I know this might sound too good to be true, but certain pets are out there that fit the bill for low-maintenance pets.


People who live in urban areas or live in small homes would hardly make a good choice to have a pet. This is because they will not have the space or time to look after their pet. Pets are very high maintenance and need a lot of attention.


How much space do you have at home?


You should consider that pets stay for a lifetime, so make sure you can accommodate them for as long as they are alive. It is almost impossible to keep pets if you live in an apartment. Apartments have rules against pets, and pets can't even fit in.


How much time can you spare for your pet?


Pets require a lot of time to look after them. They need proper food, exercise, grooming, and playtime. It is very hard to leave the house for work and then come back and look after your pet too. If you are working from home, it becomes difficult to keep an eye on them all day when you are busy working on your computer screen or doing some other work. So if you want a pet, make sure you can spare enough time every day to take care of them.



Here are the top low maintenance pets:


1) Goldfish


Goldfish are perfect for those that live in an apartment or small home and can't have a large pet. A goldfish doesn't need much space at all to live comfortably, although you will want to keep it in a 10-gallon tank with a filter and some decorations like plants and rocks. A goldfish doesn't need food often, so you can feed it once every other day or so. They don't swim around much, so you don't have to worry about cleaning their tank out frequently either!


2) Tarantulas


Tarantulas are low-maintenance pets. They don't need a lot of attention, don't need walks, don't need playtime, and don't need special food. What they do need is a place to live and food for them to eat once in a while. The only time you have to pay attention to them is when it's going to molt or when it's eating time. Other than that, you basically just leave them alone in their enclosure for about eight months and then feed them once in a while until it's time for them to molt again. So overall, tarantulas are pretty easy to take care of.



3) Cats


A cat is a low-maintenance pet. It's also a great pet because they can be quite affectionate, but they're also independent. If you want a pet that will love you unconditionally, a cat is the perfect low-maintenance pet for you!


You don't need to go to the vet too much with your cat. The only time most people take their cats to the vet is when they're sick or need shots. Most people who have cats say that it's very easy to take care of them.


If you want something cute and cuddly, then a cat is the best choice for you! You'll feel like your home has been taken over by a little child.




4) Hamster


If your kids are looking for a little companion, then get them a hamster! Hamsters are very low-maintenance pets that are easy to take care of. They can live up to four years, and the best part about them is that they don't require much space at all!


Hamsters are also very fun and playful little creatures! You'll have fun watching them run on their exercise wheel, play with their ball, and do other fun stuff. It's not like other pets where they just sit around doing nothing; hamsters are always up to something fun!



5) Gerbil


These small rodents love being handled and will become quite friendly with their owners. They live in family groups, and although they are small, they can be fairly loud! They should be kept in pairs and can live up to 4 years if cared for properly. Since they are nocturnal, it's best if you keep them in a large cage with wood shaving bedding, as this makes it easier for them to burrow underground if they want to take a nap during the day. It's also best if you house your gerbil outside its cage as it will enjoy running around your whole home.


These little guys are good for people who might not have a lot of time to care for pets but still want something cute and furry to come home to at night. They're friendly enough that they'll even come out to play with you sometimes!


6) Tortoises


These are reptiles that are easy to feed and maintain. They only need an occasional bath, which you should give them by spraying plain water on their shell. You don't need to bother with fancy shampoos or conditioners as they are not poisonous to humans or any other animals. The only care you need to give them is to make sure they don't get too hot. They may be slow, but they are great pets!



7) Butterflies


If you have a fifth-grader, who is finally understanding metamorphosis, what greater way to demonstrate the procedure than to get some caterpillar for your home? Not to worry if you're not a fan of crawlies; in a week, they'll transform into lovely butterflies. If you're not dedicated to owning a pet for the long term, their lifetime is only six to eight months from larva to fully-fledged butterfly. Additionally, they require simple sticks to travel around on and graze on ordinary plants. Additionally, they are visually appealing.


By looking at the pets in this list, you can be sure that they don't need a lot of grooming or care, so it will be easy to be a pet parent. Another benefit is that these low-maintenance pets also don't need as much attention and tend to be quite independent. It makes sense! As long as you're able to spend time with them when you can, then that is enough. I'm sure your pet will be delighted and so will you.

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