Top Bath Day Tips for Correctly Washing Your Dog

Whether you’re a new or experienced dog owner, bath time can be troublesome for many. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be such a challenge. Are you worried you’re not using the right shampoo? Do you need to use conditioner? We’ve gathered some top bath day tips for correctly washing your dog.

Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Starting with the correct products will ensure a successful bath for your furry friend. Shampoos and conditioners for dogs will wash away the dirt and grime specific to your pup. Look for these items to avoid upsetting your pup’s pH balance. You may irritate their skin if you use human shampoo.

If you have any questions about dog shampoos, ask a local groomer what products they use and recommend. Always follow up on the shampoo with conditioner. It’s vital because shampoo strips the natural oils, and you need to rehydrate your pup’s fur.

Choose the Right Tools

Finding the right spot and gathering the correct tools to bathe your dog are vital in grooming. If your dog is small enough, you can wash them in the kitchen or bathroom sink. A medium-sized dog would fit nicely in the bathtub or shower. You may have to clean your dog outside if they’re too large to fit in the tub or too wild to bathe indoors. A kiddie pool will make an excellent investment if you wash your dog outside.

Place a non-slip mat on the bottom of the pool or bath to avoid slips and falls. Have the towel ready to dry off your pup. Place the shampoo and conditioner next to you. Then, you’re all set for bath time!

Correct Washing Technique

When you’ve gathered the supplies, it’s time for the bath. Use treats if your dog needs coaxing into the wash. Ensure you dilute the shampoo with water. It will spread and sud better on your dog’s fur. Check the water temperature before rinsing your dog. You don’t want to burn them!

Professional groomers recommend to shampoo twice. The first wash rids their fur of dirt and grime, and the second washes the skin. Massage the skin and work the lather. Don’t forget about typically overlooked places: paws and bellies. Make it an enjoyable experience for your dog. Let the conditioner sit on your pup’s coat for a few minutes, and ensure you rinse well to remove all the product. Take time to wash your dog’s collar while bathing since you already have it removed. Doing so will help get stinky odors out of the collar.

If you have a pup that isn’t a huge bathtime fan, you may want to take them to a professional groomer. Their training and experience will help keep your dog calm during the process. Otherwise, follow the above bath time tips for a successful doggy bath. Your pup will enjoy the bonding time.

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