Living in a noisy area can really make a person feel anxious. Noise pollution gradually increases its effect on homeowners dwelling in urban areas where road and construction noise are simply inevitable.

The only way out of this overwhelmingly noisy lifestyle is either moving house to another area or soundproofing your home. As the former option isn’t always feasible, the latter one is the only solution homeowners have. 

Soundproofing the whole house or apartment is a quite costly step to take unless you do it by installing sound-proof window plugs instead of windows. They’re made of a wooden board encircled by foam, which acts as an excellent sound blocker. The best news is that you can even build it yourself.

Here are its main benefits.

Less noise

Naturally, the main advantage of installing window plugs is the reduced level of noise entering your house or apartment. The materials used for building a window plus, such as foam and wood, have the role of absorbing and blocking the sound, thus preventing it from passing through them. However, the plug isn’t completely soundproof, but you’ll experience a drastic difference in comparison to the noise you were previously exposed to.

Thus, you’ll finally stop hearing the abundance of environmental sounds and noise coming from street. Even if you hear some noise, it’ll be like a distant sound from the background which you can easily ignore. Therefore, you will be able to get some rest or sleep without being disturbed by anything or anyone. 

Better health and furniture condition

Those homeowners suffering from allergies know what a struggle it is to maintain high air quality inside your home, as dust or pollen are always sneaking inside through the windows. Although you keep the windows closed in order to prevent microorganisms from entering your home, they will still manage to find their way inside.


However, by installing a window plug, you are adding another layer of protection to your window, which indicates less chance of microbes penetrating the wooden board and the frame of foam. It has a positive effect on your well-being, reducing your allergy symptoms and protecting your health at least in the comfort of your own home. 

In addition, as window plugs not only block sounds, but also light, you are protected against the detrimental ultraviolet sunrays. These type of sunrays may lead to skin cancer if exposed to them constantly. Since the wooden board doesn’t let light pass into your home, you are at least kept away from harm while you’re there. 

Moreover, sunrays also have a damaging effect on your furniture, as every object which has been exposed to the sun for a longer period of time loses its original color by gradually fading, eventually looking scruffy. Read more about the ways in which you can protect your furniture from sun damage, except for installing window plugs.

Greater energy-efficiency

Apart from having an excellent soundproofing feature, window plugs offer thermal insulation which makes your home more energy-efficient. Since your windows are perfectly insulated, there’s no chance of heat or cool air getting out of the room, thus enabling you to keep a constant temperature. 

Moreover, thermal insulation makes your house warmer in the winter period and cooler in the summer months. Therefore, your energy bills will be certainly lower in cost than before. You’ll no longer pay high bills in the winter and summer period when you make the most use of your heating or air-conditioning system. Besides being energy-efficient, they are cost-effective as well.

Improved performance

Installing sound-proof window plugs has a tremendous influence on improving your performance and productivity. Noise acts a great distractor when it comes to performing even a simple task, taking away all of your attention and focus.

Environmental noise has the greatest effect on homeowners who are freelancers and have a so-called office in their own homes. These people’s jobs depend on their concentration and reasonable thinking, which is why they need to work in peace and quiet. Thus, soundproofing windows is the essential step towards being more productive. Visit this link:, to see the exact ways in which noise affects productivity.

In addition, even if you aren’t a freelancer, noise distracts you whenever you start reading a book or interferes with the sound of your television. Also, in case you’re a student preparing for the upcoming exams, the plug will help you improve your concentration and learn more. 


One of the main reasons why homeowners opt for soundproofing their homes with window plugs instead of some other method, is the price. There’re various ways of soundproofing your house such as purchasing sound-proof windows or curtains, but they cost a lot more than the plugs.

Sound-proof windows are undoubtedly the most effective solution, but they are the most expensive one as well. Purchasing these type of windows for every room in your house is going to require a large portion of your budget.

On the other hand, purchasing plugs is a lot cheaper.  You can even further reduce the cost by building them yourself. If you are interested in developing your DIY skills, you can find more information on that here.


Instead of being desperate because you can’t afford to purchase sound-proof windows for every room in your home, try building your own window plugs.

They are the most energy-efficient and cost-effective soundproofing solution!

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