Top Considerations When Adopting a Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois are great dogs, but they have specific care requirements that you must meet to ensure they remain happy and healthy. Here are some of the top considerations you should consider when adopting a Belgian Malinois.

About the Breed

Belgian Malinois are working dogs. These dogs are typically bred as military or police dogs and work in many important fields, such as narcotics detection, border patrol, and private protection companies.

Because they are working dogs, they become unmanageable when raised in a home with insufficient stimulation and enrichment. Neglecting to properly socialize and train these dogs properly can result in behavior problems and damage to your personal property.

Belgian Malinois as Pets

While many Belgian Malinois are working dogs, that doesn’t mean they don’t make great pets. They are confident, bright, and responsive dogs. They are affectionate and protective of their owners and home but not excessively aggressive.

They do best in energetic homes—if your family has an active lifestyle, the Belgian Malinois might be an excellent fit for you. Including them in outdoor activities such as hiking or jogging is a great way to spend time with your pup while getting their energy out.

They’ll also need to get trained, having that training reinforced by all family members within the home. Training these dogs to do small tasks, such as touching your hand with their nose, can be a great way for you to interact with them and incorporate enough mental stimulation into their day. These dogs love to work, so give them tasks to do!

If you cannot give them enough activity due to long days at the office, consider sending your pup to doggy daycare while you’re at work. You’ll come home with a tired-out dog, ready for snuggles, and you’ll be able to work with the knowledge that your home will still be intact when you get back.

If They Lack Stimulation

Belgian Malinois are great dogs, but they will tear up anything and everything if they are not given enough to do. These dogs need plenty of activity, exercise, and mental stimulation. If they don’t get enough enrichment, they won’t just chew on your shoes.

My Belgian Malinois mix chewed our couch, our dining room table and chairs, my husband’s jeans, my Kindle, and anything else he could get ahold of. When training, it’s not enough to make sure the floor is clear—they will pull down anything they can reach on tables or chairs.

Now that he’s properly trained and getting enough enrichment (and out of the puppy stage), he’s a great dog. He gets along well with our cat and guards the house against strange noises. He accompanies us on walks and completes countless small “tasks” daily—little jobs we’ve created to enrich his life.

Belgian Malinois can be great household pets, but you should know what you’re getting into when adopting one of them! The items on this list are just a few considerations you should make before adopting a Belgian Malinois.

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