Top DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Top DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

As we close into the middle of the winter season, there’s one holiday left to come: Valentine’s Day. While there are many mass marketed gifts all over the stores, consider what wonderful, personalized gifts you could make yourself. There are many fun, creative DIY gift ideas online that could be perfect for your loved one. Learn some top DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas by reading below.

Valentine Candy Necklace

This can be fun to make yourself, or you can teach the kids how to make them as part of a fun-filled afternoon to get ready for Valentine’s Day. A popular version of this DIY project uses a combination of gummy ring candy strung on some elastic string. You can give these to those close to you, and the kids can give them to friends who are sure to enjoy them.

Hand Knitted Scarfs

Since Valentine’s Day is in the middle of winter anyway, it’s a great time to make your special someone a warm, fluffy scarf. This is a great project, especially if you’re new to the craft of knitting. Many patterns for different types of scarfs are easy to knit and will still come out beautiful. If you have a child or children, you can even try to make kids’ scarves. The joy of giving someone a personalized and handmade gift is just one of the reasons why you should give handmade gifts. Add to it that you can practice your crafting skills, and this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Design a Heart-Shaped Phrase Pillow

A decorative pillow is always a nice item to put on your couch and give a bit of color and style to your living space. Receiving one with a loving message from a loved one is even better. This Valentine’s Day consider making a pretty decorative pillow in the shape of a heart with a sweet message imprinted on it. You can create this using patterned fabric for the background, with letters of a solid, warm color prominently displayed to perfect your message of love.

Letters of Love

Go to the craft store and pick out some wooden letters to make a sweet word or phrase for the person you love. While simple, this concept can make a lovely wall display to remind a person year around of the wonderful person they have in their life. Get some different colored and patterned scrapbook paper to wrap around each letter. Consider a Valentine color scheme or one that matches their favorite color.

Craft a Handmade Plushy

Of our top DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas, these cut handmade plushies are among the most unique. Take a look online and see what fun patterns you find to make a one-of-a-kind plush character or animal for your significant other. While many Valentine’s Day-themed plush animals are sold in stores, none of them will come close to invoking the personal feelings of love from a homemade gift.

Or making her a beautiful basket from the Italian Grocery Store, if she loves to cook this would be perfect for her.

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