Top Hair Care Tips You Need To Know

Top Hair Care Tips You Need To Know

Starting a hair care regime is exhausting. You can get lost in the lists of recommended products for your hair type that don't always work. However, have no fear! Here are some of the top hair care tips you need to know to give you a starting point in your healthy hair journey.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

Having a wash schedule is key to hair care. Depending on your hair type, wash schedules will differ in frequency and the methods used.

What are some universal tricks to know? First, rinse hair in cold water to promote shine and avoid dryness. Then, focus shampoo application on roots only while focusing conditioner application away from the scalp. Finally, avoid products containing sulfates that strip your hair of essential oils when shopping.

Deep Condition

Consider dedicating a day out of the week to deep condition your hair. After your shower, dry your hair and apply a generous amount of your preferred conditioner from root to end. Allow the conditioner to sit in your hair, then wash thoroughly for hydrated locks.

Swap Out Towels for T-Shirts

While this tip caters towards those with wavy/curly hair, it can work for anyone! Instead of drying your hair with a towel, use an old cotton t-shirt to dry after washing. It will absorb excess dampness while minimizing frizz.

Limit Heat

It’s best to limit the amount of heat styling tools used when striving for your best hair. Extended usage can damage the strands and make them brittle, causing hair breakage.

Limit Stress

While stress is inevitable, too much stress can contribute to hair loss. Remember to take care of yourself and minimize unnecessary headaches that can add to the stress.

Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp helps relieve pressure points and promotes blood flow. Castor oil strengthens weak follicles that are prone to falling out. Also, coconut oil provides your scalp with a protective barrier against the sun and aids in hair growth.

Watch Your Diet

Iron and protein are essential ingredients that impact the growth of hair cells. Consider a diet that prioritizes iron, such as vegetables, wholesome protein foods, cheese, quinoa, and yogurt.

While these top hair care tips you need to know can seem daunting, applying this advice to your regime can improve your hair’s health. Slowly introduce new products and methods to avoid confusing your hair. Yes, it is possible. Good luck!

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