Here’s a list of the top kitchen tools and appliances of 2017.


Powerhouse Blenders

These blenders have the word power in their name for a reason; they are so powerful in fact, that they can turn ice into slush in a matter of seconds. So think of all the delicious ice cold cocktails that you can make in the summer, perfect for those hot days. It is also great for making smoothies because it whips up any fruit at such a speed. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it also has some amazing features to go with it, like a built-in cleaning system, so nothing has the time to build up inside around the corners and edges. A timer to keep you aware of how long it's been going for. And you can even add hot things inside – with its vented lid; you can mix up a yummy hot soup in no time at all.


The Pressure-Free Cooker

If you – like so many others – want to prepare delicious meals with ease, instead of running around the kitchen like a headless chicken, timing all the different pans that you have cooking away, while making sure you're not burning the chicken in the oven – those days are over. With this digital pressure cooker, high-pressure steam is what seals in the moisture while cooking food quickly. You can vary the temperature setting depending on what you're making.

This appliance is extremely safe due to its locking lid and safety pressure release valve, so you don't have to worry about accidentally knocking it and everything covering the floor, or even worse – burning yourself. It's easy to move around because of its easy grip handles too, and you can even put the pot in the dishwasher afterwards.


Soda Maker

If you or your family love soda, then why not make your own? If you do the math, the amount of bottles of soda you buy every week will end up costing you a lot more, than if you just made it yourself. You can turn your ordinary tap water into sparkling or flavoured water in under a minute. Or you can make a refreshing glass of lemonade or cola if that's more your thing.

The amazing thing about the soda maker is that you can control how much carbonation is put in, so for example, if you're making a cola, you will want it to be pretty fizzy. But you can turn the carbonation down if you want a softer drink which may involve your favourite fruits. Plus, think of how you'll be saving the environment because you're not constantly buying plastic bottles!


Easy-to-Use Waffle Iron

If you love a waffle or two (or seven), then you can rest assured that you will be getting the best of the best with this waffle maker. With seven different browning settings, you can fine-tune exactly how you want them. There is even a steam release system built in that was specifically designed to make sure you get those crispy outsides and fluffy insides. It's also non-stick, which means you haven't got to worry about bits breaking off inside and burning – then having to give it a deep clean to remove any residue, so essentially just give it a quick wipe down while it's still a little warm and it'll be as good as new.


Mighty Knife

If you want a knife that can virtually do anything and everything, then you need one of these. You can slice to perfection, with precision and care, you can chop like a pro with everything in proportion, you can butterfly the perfect amount of meat, and you can even peel onions, potatoes and more without losing half of your meal. Not only that, its resin handle makes it not only comfortable to grip, but its super hygienic too.


Salad Mixer

So you've just made an amazing salad in that very special salad bowl that you only bring out for special occasions. You have the crispiest of lettuce, juicy tomatoes, finely sliced onion, nuts, and even little bits of perfectly cooked chicken. You've just added your homemade caesar dressing, and now it's time to mix… But the bowl is full, and every time you try to toss the salad around, it falls out of the bowl making a terrible mess. – We've all been there time and time again, and we never seem to learn. So get yourself a salad mixer to avoid getting half of it over the counter tops, and more on our plates!


The Best Zester

What was once used as a woodworking tool, has now transitioned itself into the kitchen world. A zester has been around for a long time but has now been fine-tuned, making it a lot easier to hold and use. With its sturdy handle, you can have a great grip that doesn't irritate your hand as you move, making it perfect to zest citrus into a cake and grating hard cheeses such as parmesan. You can even use this to cut up garlic finely if you're not so skilled in the chopping department.


Do-It-All Countertop Oven

Why buy tons of different appliances when you can buy one? This countertop oven can do anything from roasting a delicious piece of chicken with a variety of different vegetables for a perfect dinner, to making some toast if you're on the go. All you have to do is tap in your personal preference when it comes to the timing and settings, and the oven will remember it and do it spot on each time.


Excel Juicer

Juicers are great if you love a natural kick of fruit throughout the day. The only negative is having to clean all that pulpy mess that gets stuck all around the machine, but those days are over. With its high powered motor, you can extract much more juice out of the fruit, leaving you with less pulp at the end.

It has been designed with an extra large opening, meaning you can get an array of different fruit and veggies inside without having to cut everything up into small pieces – because who has the time to do that nowadays?

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