The summer is coming and only one month left to decide where you want to spend the summer vacation with children. Despite the fact that there are many different types of interesting and exciting entertainment for children, you still have to do a small research about the best places where you can go with your kids! You have to plan everything in details: would you want to rest near the beach or go to the kid's museum, would you like to see a new country or rather stay in your hometown. Fortunately, there is so much fun with kids that are available for you today, and it's all up to your personal preferences and budget.

The list of the amazing destinations can be extremely long. Nevertheless, we want to share with you 5 the most exciting and magnificent places, where you can spend the wonderful weekend with your children this summer.

  • Walt Disney in Orlando

Probably, it is the most amazing destination for both kids and their parents. It's a world-known resort full of magic and fun. There is an incredible number of activities available for everyone: beautiful theme parks, hotels, cafes, etc. There are also many interesting performances for the whole family here every day. Thousands of people from different countries try to come here with the kind and spend amazing time together. If you have such a great opportunity to visit this place, don't wait anymore and just turn your kids' dreams into reality!

  • Yellowstone National Park

If you want to spend a good time with your kids, visiting this oldest national park will be a great idea. Actually, it has a lot of benefits. Firstly, your children can learn many interesting things about nature, especially if you decided to take a guide with you. Secondly, this trip can be a good topic for your kid's essay “How I Spent My Summer Holidays.” Thirdly, this type of vacation improves your kid's health and gives your child a clear understanding of our planet's beauty. You can be sure, that this trip gives your children the most positive emotions.

  • Washington, D.C.

This place is a must to visit this summer if you didn't do it before! It won't be a mistake saying that this city will provide you the most “academic” trip for your family. Washington D.C. is the center of culture and history of the USA, including many galleries, historical museums, kinds of art exhibitions, theme parks, etc. As a result, you will be 100% confident, that this trip will be extremely useful and interesting not only for your children but for you, too. Thus, you won't have any trouble with writing the essay about the summer holidays. Otherwise, you can get someone to do your assignment here.

  • Wisconsin Dells

Do you want to give your kids wonderful adventure to one of the biggest water parks in the World? Then Wisconsin Dells is the place, which can satisfy all your wishes! Hundreds of attractions, many entertainments, amazing performances, huge water pools for swimming and playing different water games – all of these and even more are available for your amazing weekend in this water fairytale!

  • Grand Canyon

This travel destination will definitely impress you and your children. This unique place is considered to be one of the most popular places to visit for both parents and their kids not only in the USA but for many people across the world. This canyon will impress you by its size and beauty, by its grandeur and magnificence. If you decided to make a trip here, you should be well-prepared: think about food for your family, take additional clothes and enough drinking water. You can even make a small picnic with a really magnificent view!

Frankly speaking, the list of the travel destination can be endless!  For instance, you can go to the famous U.S. Space & Rocket Center with your kids and visit amazing space museum, or visit the Arches National Park, which will totally impress you by its authenticity. The excursion to Alcatraz Island will be extremely interesting for teenagers, and the visit to the Georgia Aquarium will impress even the smallest kids! In addition, don't forget about an incredible number of national parks (like Yosemite), famous zoos (like San Diego Zoo), art museums, galleries, exhibitions, gardens, beaches, etc.

Considering the aforementioned, you have all chances to have the best summer holidays ever! The most crucial thing is that you don't have even spend a lot of money in order to have a rest with your family. You can find the appropriate type of vacation in your own town, such as hiking, visiting museums and art galleries, theme parks, cinemas, theatres, pools or different sports sections, etc. It's all up to you what to choose. Nevertheless, it's always a good idea to spend more time with your children and summer vacation is the best option to make it perfectly!


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