Top Places to Live in Melbourne

If you're thinking of moving to or around Melbourne, there are a few popular suburbs that you can consider. If you love city life, Fitzroy is only 3km north-east of the CBD, is the city's densest suburb, with more than 10,000 people spread across 100 hectares. This vibrant, bohemian neighborhood is known for live music performances, street art exhibitions, and a rich cultural heritage. Although it may be a little lively to raise a young family with the vibrant culture. This article will highlight some of the other top places to live in Melbourne.

Getting Here:

Removalists interstate from any other Australian city such as Perth, Darwin, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and even Hobart can get you and your belongings to Melbourne by truck or by rail.

The Top Suburbs

  1. Aberfeldie

Aberfeldie, one of the top suburbs in Melbourne located in a pocket along the Maribyrnong river, and has a bit of a San Francisco vibe with the big hill. It borders Essendon and the Maribyrnong River, and is just eight kilometers from the CBD. This suburb consistently ranks above the average for affordability and other factors. Its proximity to major shopping centres and schools, as well as low congestion on arterial roads, contribute to its higher ranking. It has a family friendly vibe, lots of parks and outdoor spaces, has a few niche little shop that give it a great inner community feel.

  1. Alphington

Located just 7 kilometres north-east of the Melbourne CBD, Alphington is a residential suburb with an ambiance of peace and quiet. The community has access to the freeway, parklands, and cafes on every corner. Despite the quiet and secluded ambiance, Alphington is close to the city but has a lower crime rate than many other Melbourne suburbs. Despite the relatively low crime rate, Alphington does suffer from a high number of congested roads, which can be a challenge to navigate.

Alphington has good public transport and an active community. Compared to other Melbourne suburbs, Alphington is cheaper than other outer-south suburbs. The city has a diverse population, with many small businesses, good schools. In addition to affordable housing, Alphington is also known for its low crime rate, making it a great place to raise a family.

You’ll find that by hiring professional removalists Melbourne companies to relocate you to another suburb within 50-60Km of the CBD will usually charge an hourly rate and will bill you nearest to the half hour. This may not be ideal, if you are on a tight budget but bear this in mind when moving.

  1. Brighton

The high-end residential community of Brighton/Brighton East is synonymous with fine living, boasting palatial homes, wide streets, and famous beaches. Brighton also has an excellent public and private school system, attracting wealthy families looking for a more upscale lifestyle. The city's cosmopolitan shopping precincts are popular with residents and visitors alike. Popular shopping areas in Brighton include Church Street, where residents can find high-end boutiques, up-market cafes, and gourmet restaurants.

Although expensive, Brighton offers a high standard of living without the pretension of its neighbours. Although residents of Brighton have extremely high incomes, there are still many affordable options. The median rent in Brighton is $900 a week for a unit. While the suburb is expensive, it is also a great place for families, professionals, and retirees seeking a beachside lifestyle.

  1. South Yarra

If you're in the market for a new home, you've likely heard of South Yarra, a polished, trendy suburb just four kilometers south of the city center. The suburb boasts a bustling nightlife, fine dining, and a thriving hospitality industry. There are also many open spaces, grammar schools, and prestigious residential addresses. This cosmopolitan area has something to offer everyone.

South Yarra is home to several notable clusters of terrace houses. Park Street boasts rows of beautifully preserved Victorian terrace houses, often three or four storeys high. Leoopld Street, too, features rows of terraces from the 1880s land boom. Domain Road and Toorak Road West feature double-storey late-19th-century terraces. And because of the proximity to the city's business district, South Yarra is home to a number of universities and research institutions.

  1. Portsea

If you're looking for a beach house in Melbourne but don't want to spend millions, you might want to look into a Portsea property. With a population of only 510 on census night 2020, Portsea is home to some of Melbourne's wealthiest residents. The median price of a house in Portsea increased by 45 per cent in a year, according to CoreLogic. The average house in Portsea costs $1,367,600 million. It's the perfect place settle down and retire and wake up to the sound of waves.Deciding on a suburb is crucial but also dependent on what stage of life you are at and what life events may be around the corner. These factors all weigh heavily on which suburb is right for you and your dearest. But rest assured once you’ve decided on a place, hiring a local removalists to do the hard work is the easy part.

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