If you’re looking to add some cool features to your home without having to invest thousands of dollars, then buying a magnetic screen door might be the best option for you. Besides being affordable, it will help keep bugs out of your home in the summer while allowing fresh air to enter and circulate through your house during the hot days of the year. The following are reasons why you should buy a magnetic screen door right now.

1) Healthier

When closed, magnetic screen doors allow air in but keep out bugs. This means you can have your windows open while keeping your home protected from nasty insect intruders. Open windows help circulate fresh air, which is good for allergy sufferers and people with breathing difficulties. The doors also allow for better control of temperature—when bugs are kept out, you don’t need to turn up your AC as high or use fans as often.

2) Quieter

Magnetic screen doors are quieter than their traditional counterparts, so you won’t disturb your neighbors or your family when it’s time for dinner or movie night. You also won’t worry about waking up early in order to unlock and open your door quietly before work. With magnetic screen doors, all you have to do is grab and go—and maybe grab some coffee on your way out!

3) Cleaner

The first reason why you should get a magnetic screen door is because it will help keep your home clean. Magnetic screens don’t catch dirt and dust like traditional flyscreens do, so you won’t have to worry about your house looking old and messy as time goes on. For those who suffer from allergies, being able to leave their doors open more often without having to clean up after themselves is invaluable.

4) Convenient

The main benefit of using a magnetic screen door is convenience. It allows you to keep your regular, full-size door open while still keeping bugs and insects out. This means that you can easily come and go from your home without having to use an additional door. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy fresh air and save money on your energy bills, then look no further than a magnetic screen door!

5) Smarter security

These doors are completely opaque, so there’s no chance for thieves or other trespassers to see inside. They’re also fully retractable, so you can take them out of place during the warmer months and ensure your home remains secure all year round. Plus, they offer better security than standard mesh doors do. As a solid structure made from high-quality materials, magnetic screen doors are much harder for burglars to force open.

6) Cheaper in the long run

The cost of installation may not be cheap, but magnetic screen doors save you money in the long run. They are equipped with magnets that make them easy to open and close without having to use your hands. This allows you to keep your hands on what you’re doing while protecting yourself from bugs at night.

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