Top Reasons Why Your Hair Is Frizzy and Dry

Depending on where you live, the climate can wreak havoc on your hair. Humidity can bring a frizzy and dry mane and leave you feeling frustrated. Don’t worry, though—there are various other reasons why this happens, regardless of where you live. And once you find the root cause, you can move on to a solution.

A Shift in Humidity

Potentially, the number one complaint about frizzy and dry hair is because of the humidity levels. The excessive moisture in the air can significantly impact your hair’s ability to maintain a sleek and smooth finish. The outer layers of your hair will swell when your cuticles open and absorb the excess moisture. Try to skip a wash routine these days and opt for a hat or cute ponytail style.

Overexposure to Harsh Hair Products

Unfortunately, overexposure to harsh chemicals and toxins can damage your hair and lead to dryness or frizz. Partnering with your professional stylist to find quality hair spray or other hair products can help mitigate the effects of harmful ingredients. Think about products like hairspray, conditioners, and hair dyes and how often you expose your hair.

Heat Styling Tools

Outside of humidity issues, a leading reason for frizzy and dry hair is the excessive use of heat styling tools. You might love your straightener, curling wand, and blow dryer, but the reality is they are damaging to your hair. Try embracing the natural texture of your hair and working with what you have to reduce the frustration of damaged hair.

The Way You Wash Your Hair

Yes, the way you wash your hair can also be harmful. If your hair cuticles respond to exterior elements, they also react to the temperature of your water. If the water is too hot for your scalp, the cuticles can experience damage from excessive and direct heat. Try to rinse your hair in cooler temperatures to allow the cuticle to close to its natural size.

Your Towel Might Be a Culprit

It’s common to wrap your hair in a towel when you finish bathing. But unfortunately, this process can lead to increased frizz and damage. One of the most significant issues with the towel wrap method is breakage near the scalp and through the body of your hair.

Try damp drying your hair first to absorb excess moisture, and then consider using a microfiber towel, oversized cotton tee shirt, or a silk head scarf. These materials tend to be gentler overall.

Wrapping Up

You will have days where your hair is working with you and days where it works against you. Remember, it goes through a lot of stress, just like we do. Hopefully, understanding these reasons and suggestions can help you cut down on frustrating days and restore your hair’s vitality.

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