Top Things That Can Affect A Child’s School Readiness

Most children dread the day that their child heads off to school. It’s an exciting day but also sad as a clear symbol that your child is growing up and perhaps no longer needs you. However, regardless of how sad the day is, it’s important to prepare your child for school. 

It is, therefore, worth noting that the following can affect your child’s readiness to go to school.

Lack Of Early Learning

You need and want, to choose a great early learning centre as this will help your child to have a great start in life. A good early learning centre will help your child develop social skills, learn basic language and math skills, and develop confidence in themselves. These are all essential for success in college. 

If your child doesn’t go to an early learning centre it is more likely they will suffer from separation anxiety and they are less likely to be mentally or physically ready for the challenges of school life.

While it can be difficult to let your child go to early learning, it has been shown to be an essential step n the education and growing process. 

Children that go to early learning centres generally do better in school and in life. 

Busy Parents

Parents are, by their very nature, busy. They have jobs to hold down, houses to look after, and they want what is best for their child. Unfortunately, all the running around often leaves them with no time to spend with their child. 

This can affect the child’s readiness for school. Quality time with children encourages play, cognitive development, imagination, and even improves their basic understanding of math and language. 

This can also have a knock-on effect on the child’s confidence which will affect their ability to interact with other children.


Children that grow up in poverty are less likely to get the education they need before they head to school. This puts them at a disadvantage to their classmates. While some children can quickly catch up, others will be disillusioned and may stop trying before they have really started. 

Although it is difficult to prevent poverty, it is important to be aware of it and take any steps you can to help your child learn and have the best opportunities in life. 

Lack Of Play Areas

Although school is a great learning experience, children also benefit greatly from being able to play with other children. For that, they need a safe space, such as a local park. If there aren’t any safe play areas in the vicinity the child will struggle to make friends and develop the necessary social skills such as sharing. This can negatively affect confidence and put them at a disadvantage when starting school.

Supporting Your Child

To help your child be ready for school you need to make sure they have the opportunity to interact with other children. You also need to teach them basic math and language skills. Of course, enrolling them in a good early learning centre is the most effective way to ensure they have all the skills they need to be ready for school and life.


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