When you are looking to change the decor in a room, you can spend months and months browsing the internet and the home stores to find inspiration. In your heart, you know what you are looking for but you are still waiting for that wow factor item to build your entire room around. It can be so frustrating when you feel like you are never going to find exactly what you want. While Pinterest is great for showing us lots of photos of items in a given category, we can actually be inundated with so many images, we can’t find that one thing we are looking for.


Fortunately, there are places out there that share your style and thinking. Alternatively, you can look at designing something bespoke yourself. If you are handy with a needle and thread, or you have the money to commission something unique for you, then that is great. But there may be no need to go to these extremes. If you are looking for that timeless classic, or something inspired by the vintage look, you may find it somewhere like rooi.com.



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Finding that something special can be tricky, but if you have an arsenal of fabby websites to help direct your browsing then you should find what you want in no time. People plan their decorating around their favorite pieces of furniture or even their soft furnishings. When it comes to room layouts, a lot of us would rather run power extender cables around the room than be restricted by the power sockets for positioning. Most of us know exactly what we want, and we won’t stop until we have found it.


Decorating is great fun when you have acquired everything you are after. The preparation of the room, and the suspense as you work your way from one wall to the next. Slowly and gradually, everything starts coming together, and you can see the result of your labor and shopping challenges. The floor coverings and walls work in harmony. The lighting beautifully highlights your furniture. The soft furnishings throw the style and color into the mix to give you something fresh and new and perfectly to your taste.


Coordinating everything can be a labor of love, but to finally finish and enjoy your room makes it all worthwhile. You may have chosen a feature wall with paint or paper. Perhaps instead you chose a stencil kit. All these little touches add up to a big effect on the style and decor of your room. How you light your wall will affect the shade and tone of the color you see. You may choose one of a variety of wall lights to create these effects, or even directional ceiling LED spots.


However you choose to decorate your room, you can find plenty of style inspiration from places like magazines and the internet. The room should be a reflection of your tastes, personality, and mood. Most of us live with our decor choices for a minimum of three years, through many season changes. Enjoy the room you make!


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