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 It’s time to step up your game and give your hotel a new lease of life. Interior design can make or break a hotel. In the age of social media, the appearance of your hotel and its ‘Instagram-ability’ is one of the most important things. You need to think about trendy interior styles, influencer marketing, and much more. Whether that means putting in place the best massage chair or whether you go for top-name designer furniture, there needs to be a unique feature that keeps the guests coming


A well-designed hotel will find a balance between aesthetic design and practicality. Your hotel needs to target loyal guests who will come back time and time again. Think about the demographic of your guests and what they would want out of a hotel. Decide what kind of atmosphere you want to evoke – is your hotel homely or ultra-chic? Once you have identified your target guest, you can begin to think about interior design style. 


Here are a few tips to bear in mind when it comes to the interior design of your hotel.


Design and practicality 


Your hospitality furniture needs to be aesthetic, practical and stylish. You need to clean each room regularly, and the materials need to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear. While silk sheets might look luxurious, it’s not practical to dry clean them after every guest. Think about hooks, drawer openings and switches. You need to find a balance between the room looking fabulous and withstanding the test of time. Try to find durable materials that will look just as great in three years. 


Highlight features 


Use lighting to highlight interesting design features and accessories. For example, you could add a small LED light above a painting in the room for ambiance. Or, you could use a bright paint colour to open up the room and highlight the space available. Play to your strengths and emphasise the amazing quality of your guest rooms. 


Stand out from the competition


Stay away from the typical hotel design, and make bold choices. You could make every room different with a theme or colour palette. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and find a design style that excites you. You don’t need to replicate the interior design of every mainstream hotel in the UK. Your guests will remember your exquisite interior style and come back time and time again.


Picking colours


You need to think about colour psychology when choosing a colour palette. If your hotel rests in the countryside, you should go for natural colours that complement the relaxing surroundings. You can have a little more fun with a city-based hotel. Use bright colours, bold patterns, and trend pieces to make a statement in the hotel lobby. These vibrant colours will exude energy, excitement, and intrigue.


Research your design choices thoroughly and make sure they align with the atmosphere of your hotel. 

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