Top Tips For Prolonging The Life Of Your Carpet

If curtains are the frame of a room, much like a picture frame, showing it off to the world, carpet is a room’s backdrop. A clean, bright carpet creates an inviting, cozy vibe to the room, complementing features to the best effect. Neglect your floor, and it begins to get dirty and dingy, putting a damper on the feel of the room, regardless of how well-maintained everything else is. As such, taking care of your carpet is vital, prolonging its life and keeping your house looking good.


Regularly vacuuming at least once a week (more if you have pets and in high-traffic areas) ensures everyday dirt is picked up. If left to sit for prolonged periods, surface dirt will become in-ground, making removal harder and damaging the carpet fibers. In-ground dirt will also trap odors within the fibers, meaning your flooring can become unpleasant smelling, and musty.

Stain Removal

Most stains are easy to remove if tackled before they can set. Use a carpet stain remover to blot spills up and return the carpet to undamaged condition. Blotting rather than scrubbing is essential as it stops the stain from pushing into the pile and doesn’t damage the surface. More difficult stains may need a repeat cleaning or a professional’s care, but the result will be worth it.

Rug and Runners

High-traffic areas such as hallways always wear faster than low-traffic areas of carpet, but you don’t want to replace patches of carpet. Extend the life of these fast-wearing areas of the carpet by making use of rugs. A runner up the hallway that has collected dirt and worn down is easier and cheaper to replace after a few years than the section of the carpet underneath. Rugs are also a lovely way to bring additional color and pattern into a space, balancing out a solid block of background carpet.


It can be hard to resist the allure of settling on the couch with a tasty snack but doing so can be terrible for the carpet underfoot. Crumbs and other food particles falling on the ground get trodden into carpet fibers and become tempting treats for pests. Drinks and greasy food also pose a staining risk, potentially leaving long-lasting marks you’ll regret. Containing food in specific areas of the house ensures food can’t become a factor in carpet deterioration.

Air Quality

Fabric of all types is affected by the air quality they’re stored in, including carpet. Open windows when possible to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the building to remove the build-up of odors and dampness. A dehumidifier will remove excess moisture in humid areas, stopping mold growth in carpet piles and other soft furnishings. On the other hand, areas with dry pollen-laden air are better served with air conditioning to remove dust and pollen from becoming trapped.

Remembering to use a good stain remover, vacuum regularly, and so on will ensure you enjoy your carpet for the full extent of its life.

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