How to enter Winchendon school: tuition fees and school requirements

Winchendon school is a prestigious and famous school that was founded in 1926. The school is famous for its special educational system – the mix of American educational system and an intensive, comprehensive study of subjects and effective preparation for admission to famous universities . 

The school provides excellent programs in secondary education. The school is a home for 250 students, 50% of them are foreign students, 200 students reside on the campus. Classes consist of only 5-6 people, which helps teachers to pay attention to everyone. Instructors are highly qualified experts, they are ready to help students in solving any problem. Pupils demonstrate high rates in finals and enter the best and most prestigious higher educational institutions in the United States and all over the world.

Accommodation and infrastructure at Winchendon school 

Students are accommodated on campus in one of 6 residences, each has comfortable rooms with a full set of necessary equipment. School staff 24/7 stay in the residences and provide students with all the necessary help and support. There are common recreational areas. School buildings are equipped with security systems. Students who stay on boarding are provided with meals from various menu. Moreover, students can follow the specific diet. 

Sports and activities at Winchendon school for foreign students

Sports, creative development of children is the basis of the school mission. The school is located in a place where excellent conditions for sport development are provided. 

Sport is both a part of the curriculum and additional extracurricular activities. Each student during the school year takes at least 1 course in the chosen sport. In the 15 minutes children can get to a ski slope. The school has its own snowboard and ski club, skiing is available 5 days a week both as an educational activity and as a free hobby. 

Programs available at Winchendon School

The school provides quality preparation for students in their chosen areas, offering 19 AR courses for in-depth study, which are necessary for admission to TOP US universities. For students from abroad, English as a Foreign Language (ESL) courses are organized, which will help them feel more confident in of intercultural communication and overcome language barriers. 

Extracurricular activities at Winchendon School 

Students devote their free time from the main activities not only to sports, but also to participation in various associations and clubs: a math circle, UN model, a school newspaper, a robotics club, singing, drawing, performing arts and much more.

Winchendon School term dates

Actual term dates will be known later because of COVID-19. For detailed information, please, contact SMAPSE experts.

Tuition fees at Winchendon School 

Tuition, boarding, meals, extracurricular activities per year are around 63,650 USD. 

Additionally paid: Administrative fee, medical insurance, ESL courses, academic support 

Winchendon School requirements

How to apply for Winchendon School? You should provide the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Recommendation letters from teachers (usually English and mathematics)
  • Transcripts from the previous place of study
  • High level of English proficiency
  • Pass and interview

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