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Top Tips To Organise Your New Year’s Eve Party





It’s nearly the end of the year, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to get planning a party. Everyone will have just about recovered from Christmas and be looking for the perfect place to welcome the new year. New Year’s Eve is an event many spend all year looking forward to, so the pressure is on to make it amazing. If you’ve decided to throw your own party but haven’t made any arrangements yet, never fear. There is still plenty of time to get yourself organised and ready to throw the best New year’s eve party. Follow these top tips to start planning your party today.




First things first, you need to decide where you want to hold your party. Your home is an obvious choice. Even the smallest of homes can make great venues for an event such as this. Push all of your furniture towards from the walls to see how much space you have to work with. This will make it easier to decide how many people you can invite and comfortably cater for. If you don’t do this, you could invite too many people and end up feeling like a can of sardines in your own home. If you’re worried about space, think about opening up your garden or head to the roof of your building. This is obviously weather permitting, and you may have to invest in some outdoor heaters if it gets too cold.


If using your home is out of the question, look into function rooms and bars you could potentially hire out. These venues will get booked quickly so do this first to avoid disappointment and prepare a backup plan just incase. There may be a fire or double booking on the night of your event so having a second option means your night won’t be ruined. If you’re planning on inviting children to the party, also ask if the venue allows their access. They may not permit children to be inside the venue if there is alcohol present for example.


Guest List


Now you have decided upon your venue; it’s time to sort out the guest list. Inviting people to your party should be done as soon as possible. It’s highly likely they may be invited elsewhere so avoid this from happening by getting your invites out now. You can send out official invites with a RSVP or just use social media to create an event invite. Just ensure you check the privacy settings so only those you invite can see the details of your party. Also triple check every detail to ensure it is accurate. Make sure everyone lets you know if they are attending or not, so you know how much food and drink you need to buy. Set a deadline to respond so you don’t have to spend a lot of time ringing people up to see what they are doing.





Choose a theme


A theme makes New year’s Eve, even more, fun than it already is. It will also provide your guests with an ice breaker if they have never met before. Your theme could be black and gold, circus or disco. You can make it as over the top or understated as you like. Make sure your theme is accessible to everyone and let them know in advance. Having a set theme will also help you choose suitable decorations, games and food to include in your planning. Do plenty of research and get creative with what you choose.


Food and Drink


You need to decide what kind of food will be appropriate for your party. You might want buffet style nibbles or a sit-down meal. If you’re holding your event at a venue, they may have a set menu they provide with the room, so always enquire before you book. Think about your theme and what food will work well. Shellfish and Lobster would be great for an underwater theme. White chocolate gateau will be an excellent choice for a white themed party too.  Look at  and to see some inspiring culinary options you can use.  


Also think about alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks you want available. It might be wise to have some options available, but also allow your guests to bring anything they like with them. That way you can guarantee they will have a drink they enjoy and will save you some pennies.


Prepare some entertainment


Create a playlist on Itunes or Spotify of classic disco and party tunes that everybody knows. Or incorporate your theme further with your music choices. If you’re throwing a Great Gatsby style party, you can play 1920’s music all night long. Music is ideal for setting the tone of a party so get your guests involved in creating your playlist. Make sure you have enough to last all night to avoid any awkward silences. Also, plan some party games you can play while you’re waiting for midnight. Ensure they are simple and age appropriate for anyone who wants to play.


Make arrangements for your guests


If you are inviting guests who live far away, it might be wise to arrange somewhere they can stay after your party is over. It might be at your home or in a local hotel. This will put their mind at rest and will allow them to relax and enjoy themselves instead. Find out how many of your guests will need to stay. Think about what space you have and if you could cater to some of the staying at your home. You may have to borrow camp beds or blow up mattresses to make them feel more comfortable. Or enlist the help of family and friends if you do not have sufficient space. Also have the number of a local cab company at the ready for guests who live locally, to ensure they get home safely.



These tips will ensure you throw a New Year’s eve party to remember, and everyone will have a fabulous time. Make sure it’s a lot of fun and that your guests are happy throughout and you’ll be seen as the perfect host.


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