When it comes to sleeping well, you'll be surprised to know that it isn't just about your sleeping position and various habits, but also on what you sleep on. Yes, your mattress can make or break the quality of rest you have, which is why it's important to select a good mattress according to how you sleep. But with the many kinds of mattresses available, which is best for you?

If you're a side sleeper and want to ensure that you get the good mattress for it, then read on as I show you the top types of mattresses for side sleepers!

Sleeping on your side is a great sleeping position. However, it does take a toll on your shoulders and hips, especially if you have a lumpy mattress! That's why you may need to replace your mattress with something more durable and comfortable. Here are the different types of mattresses to choose from:

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are your traditional mattresses that many still use. It's supported by coils underneath, which provide good support and the bouncy feeling while being on the firmer side, great for side sleepers who prefer a harder mattress for support. However, it may not be the best for those who want something softer and these mattresses aren't the most durable. These mattresses are best recommended for overweight individuals who need something on the firmer side to support their bodies.

Memory Foam Mattresses

You may have heard of memory foam mattresses by now, with it being more popular as time goes by. This is because it's made of different layers of quality foam, which would conform to your body and provide the pressure-relieving effects that lessen any form of body or back pain in the morning. It's known to offer great sleep and is more durable compared to the innerspring mattress. It's not only suitable for side sleepers, but of all sleeping positions because of the ultimate support it brings.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of both memory foam and innerspring mattresses. It's supported by steel coils and with the memory foam topper which offers the pressure-relieving support without the worry of sinking down too much.

This is a great choice for side sleepers because it offers a balance of firmness and comfortable support, also the durability you need for many nights of quality sleep to come. However, it's a bit pricier than your typical mattress, though it's definitely worth the investment!

Latex Mattresses

As the name suggests, these kinds of mattresses are made of latex, which are pretty beneficial for any kind of sleeper for a host of reasons. For starters, it boasts of the quality materials that feel just like a memory foam mattress. But the difference is that it's made of all-natural materials which make it hypoallergenic and safe to sleep in. So side sleepers with allergies will be able to enjoy a mattress without much worry of it collecting allergens and mold.

Air or Waterbeds

If you need something that offers good support and at a compact size, then I suggest that you get waterbeds or air beds, which can balloon up to your preferred size and firmness when needed. Perfect for small areas or when having guests over, these kinds of beds still have good support side sleepers can have, and at an affordable price. However, it won't be as supportive or comfortable as a traditional mattress, since it it's only supported by air or water.

Sofa Beds and Futon Mattresses

Another great space-saver goes to a sofa bed and futon mattress, which can be used as both living room furniture or a bed. These are easy to setup or foldable, which ensures that you can saves space in a small room for guests or if you live in a small area. They still offer good support for sound sleep, though just like water or air beds, they won't provide the luxurious feel you expect from a memory foam or innerspring mattress.

Wrapping It Up

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a quality mattress! As long as you do your research and select the one suitable for you and how you sleep, then you'll have no problem resting well and getting the rest you deserve!

I hope that this article on the top types of mattresses for side sleepers gave you an idea on what you should invest in for your bedroom and sleep quality. So don't wait any longer and look into quality mattresses today! I hear that the best mattress reviews recommends DreamCloud and other awesome brands, so you can start from there.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on selecting a mattress, then comment below. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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