Imagine summers without air conditioning systems; is it not an absolute curse? With rise in global warming ACs has now become a necessity for all living in the warmer areas. Air conditioners are definitely most priced electrical appliances. Five-star Air conditioners consume less energy, are greener ACs but cost way more than three stars or lower versions. Be it in your home or in office, maintaining optimal health of the AC is highly important, as a faulty or leaking AC will not satisfy your cooling needs, will not give proper air ventilation (which means hot and stale indoor air) and will also create a surge in your electricity bills that will fall out of your budget . With this in mind, reaching out to a team of HVAC specialists for a regular service is strongly recommended to ensure that your AC unit is working correctly – ultimately, carrying out AC repair work is always best left to the professionals, and you can read more about it here on the JAK Services website.

If you take proper care of your air conditioning system it will definitely pay you back by lasting for years and providing cool and fresh air to your home and office, it will keep your energy consumption at check as well. It is better to handle the device with much love and care rather than buying new Air conditioning system frequently (that will also cost you a great deal of money each time) because of mishandling the appliance.

Easy and effective AC maintenance Tips:

Keep an eye at AC Pipes: Home air conditioning system comprises of many hoses or pipes. It is important to make sure that these pipes are functional, have optimal condition and are devoid of any leakages. Check these once in every month if possible for leakages, especially take extra care during winter and fall. And at any point if leakage occurs call an AC expert to fix it as early as possible. For small leakages you can also repair those at home using leak repair kits that are available in all hardware and home improvement shops. Never neglect a leaking pipe.

Check the buildings Electrical supply: Keep a check at your building’s electrical supply pipes and meters. Make sure that the professional electrician services it every often. Check the electrical earthing and MCB properly as even the smallest voltage fluctuation can damage your air conditioning system. Make sure your electrical supplies are working fine.



Maintain the compressor: The compressor is the most important part of AC. It remains outdoors and so it is often neglected. You must keep it clean all the time. Make sure there is no dirt, dust, leaves or debris of any form jamming the compressor. It is the costliest part of the air conditioner and so the repair costs the most. As it remains outside take special care of it during rains and winters. Keep them clean and covered so they don’t get affected by snow or rain water.

Keep it clean: Keeping your appliances clean is anyhow a good practice. It keeps your home and office décor very pleasant. Apart from that, the dirt and debris can jam the air conditioning system internally causing it to dysfunction and spreading of stale unhealthy air. Clean the AC once in every month, make sure you clean the filters, the pipes and of course the body properly.

Call for professional servicing: There are many things about an air conditioning system that we being laymen would fail to understand but the professional experts will see in a moment. Annual servicing of AC by experts is very important to maintain the optimal health of the air conditioner. Call in an HVAC expert once in every year to clean the AC ducts as it is not a DIY job for sure.

If you follow the above mentioned tips your machine will last several years and will not let you down.


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  1. Cleaning and replacing the filter timely can do much to keep your air conditioner away from malfunctioning and extensive repair work. You must follow it if you really want to keep your air conditioner working fine for a longer period without causing any problem.

  2. Informative Post,,,
    The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters. Clogged, dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce a system’s efficiency significantly. With normal airflow obstructed, air that bypasses the filter may carry dirt directly into the evaporator coil and impair the coil’s heat-absorbing capacity.

  3. I appreciate you pointing out that it is important to make sure that the FC pipes are functional, have an optimal condition and are devoid of any leakages. The thing is that my parents are going to buy an AC system, but I am not sure that they really know how they should take care of it. I will make sure to pass this information to them so that they will maintain their future air conditioning unit properly and prolong its life in such a way!

  4. I agree that you need to keep your air conditioner clean if you want it to work well. One of the best things you can do is replace your a/c filters that at least every two months. This will let your a/c run smoothly. When your filters are dirty, your a/c has to work harder to produce the same amount of cool air.

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