Weed is legal in 33 states in the USA. Furthermore, 11 states allow recreational use of the herb. However, the problem marijuana users have is in how to buy weed online legally. It is a problem that affects both expert and novice weed users. Nowadays, buying weed is about finding the right variety that gives you the stimulating sensation and taste you desire. 



  1. Learn the state marijuana laws


Like earlier mentioned, only 11 states in the USA allow recreational marijuana use. It means out of the 33 states that permit marijuana use, 21 states consider recreational cannabis use illegal.  


Also, remember that cannabis is federally illegal. Furthermore, states where marijuana use is legal, whether recreational or medicinal, have laws governing the distribution and use. You can now apply for a medical card online if you have a medical reason for cannabis use.


Buying weed in another state is possible. However, transportation across state lines is the problem because it’s subject to federal laws. Moreover, if caught, you face criminal charges. So, delivery companies won’t take the risk.


   2. Make sure you meet the legal weed use age


Only persons 21 years or older can buy cannabis products. You are required to present a valid ID or passport before entering a weed dispensary. Alternatively, you can present your medical marijuana card issued by a certified doctor. 


  3. Decide your weed preference


What kind of weed do you want? There are three types of weed; Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. Sativa is known for its uplifting and creative feel. It’s commonly known for leaving you cerebral high. The Indica strain is more sedative and has relaxing effects. Indica strain leaves you full-body high. 

Lastly, the hybrid strain combines both Indica and Sativa, giving you the best of both types.  


Go for a strain with high CBD if you don’t want any of the psychoactive effects of weed. You can find out more about these cannabis strains and products to get the best weed that suits your preference. However, if you want to feel the psychoactive effects try a strain high in THC.


   4. Compare different cannabis products


High-quality weed products are invaluable and give you an unmatched experience. Undoubtedly comparing different products saves you money depending on your monthly weed expenses. 


   5. Find a reputable dispensary


An online dispensary is a weed shop where you get different marijuana strains that suit your taste and sensation. Pick a dispensary that offers weekly deals as it allows you to sample different weed strains. In essence, you pay top dollar for the best weed products.  


What is the first impression you get? Buy your weed from a passionate and knowledgeable vendor. Tell them your specific needs and the kind of cannabis product you want, whether for recreational or medicinal use. Check the quality of customer service. How well do they answer your questions? Check if they recommend a marijuana product specific to your typical dosage and tolerance level. 


  6. The smell, feel and see the weed product


It’s rare for a weed vendor to allow you to sample the product, but you can use your senses. Use your nose as a guide. Weed aroma is unmistakable, and take a pass if you smell anything else. 


Take a pass if you see something looking like baby powder as it means it’s low-quality cannabis or there is mildew. Generally, detecting moldy weed can be done through sight and smell. Then, you can check the texture and sound of your weed as soon as you take it out of the jar at home 


   7. Order online


Most people prefer the privacy of delivery services after buying their marijuana online legally. Mail order marijuana is common for online purchases. The delivery handles edibles, buds, topicals, concentrates, among other cannabis-infused products.


Buying weed online works like online shopping. Choose the weed products you like and add them to your cart, then click purchase. However, unlike online shopping, you use e-transfer because cannabis is not an acceptable product by banks or credit card payment processors.


Benefits of buying weed online legally


It’s risky to buy black-market marijuana because the quality is questionable and can have certain harmful effects on your health.  


  • Quality control


Legal and legitimate marijuana vendors test their cannabis products. It ensures no mites, fungus, or mildew can harm your health. All the weed products you sample at the online store have met quality control standards and are safe to use.  


  • Quantity control


Consumers get the amount they pay for, which means they can estimate their monthly usage and budget accordingly. The weed products are packaged in airtight packaging, preserving their potency. The weights are displayed, and you can see the prices for various quantities.  


  • Wide cannabis selection


Legally buying weed online gives you access to various weed strains and products. You can find 25-50 different cannabis varieties in the online store.  


Legally buying weed online has many perks, such as convenience and confidentiality. The above tips help you get your weed online without flouting your state laws to avoid criminal charges. Get your cannabis products from a reputable online vendor.


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