Top Ways To Take Care Of Your Truck Seat Cushion

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No matter how many trucks you’ve owned, you’ve probably noticed that they all have one thing in common — their seats aren’t the most comfortable things to sit on. And while you can always use an extra cushion or two under your rear end, there are ways to help the seat cushion last forever (or at least as long as possible). Here are ways to take care of your truck seat cushion so it will be more comfortable than ever.

1) Dealing with spills

Let’s face it. No matter how careful you are, there’s always a chance your truck seat cushion will suffer an untimely spill. If that happens, don’t panic—so long as you act quickly. Soak up as much liquid as possible with a clean rag and mild detergent. If you want extra protection against spills and stains, use a sealant spray after cleaning your truck seat cushion thoroughly.

2) Washing on a Regular Basis

A truck seat cushion can be made out of multiple fabrics, leather and even vinyl. For all types, it’s important to remember that keeping your cushion clean is an easy way to ensure you get everlasting comfort from it. Make sure you wash your truck seat cushion at least once a month in order to avoid any contaminants from causing damage or becoming too embedded into its materials.

3) Finding High-Quality Products

How do you find a quality cushion for your truck seat? There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing one, including measurements, weight capacity and durability. All of these can be taken care of by using high-quality products. The most important thing about caring for your truck seat cushion is finding one that fits your needs perfectly. This ensures everlasting comfort every time you get behind the wheel.

4) Protecting From UV Rays

If you’re driving during daylight hours, keep your windows up and don’t park in direct sunlight. Otherwise, ultraviolet rays can damage your seat cushion. Keeping your vehicle under a carport or canopy is a good idea if it’s parked outside during daylight hours. If you have to leave it out in the sun, consider rolling down all your windows and running a fan inside your truck so there is constant airflow from front to back and side-to-side.

5) Preventing Damage from Pets

The animal hair and dander, as well as pet drool, can easily damage your truck seat cushion. Before you begin washing your dog’s bedding or moving a freshly bathed animal from one place to another, cover your seats with an old blanket or towel. This will prevent both stains and wear-and-tear from prematurely aging your vehicle’s interior.

6) Removing Pet Hair in the Carpet Fibers

When pet hair becomes embedded in your car’s carpet fibers, it is impossible to remove by vacuuming alone. Instead, pull out your upright carpet cleaner with a nozzle attachment and spray on an appropriate cleaning solution. Working from left to right (from front to back), gently massage each row of fibers with a back-and-forth motion using a circular pad on your cleaning tool. After shampooing one row, flip around and clean from right to left with hot water only.

7) Keeping a Cover On it

Having a good truck seat cover helps prevent some wear and tear. The best cushions are made with top-of-the-line material, so choose one that looks durable and offers everlasting comfort. When choosing a cover, it’s also important to consider your specific vehicle type because most seat covers are not universal for all types of trucks. So read product descriptions carefully before making a purchase.

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