The summer has definitely hit Texas, where I live. It skipped spring time and now the weather has been so hot. As a result, my husband and I, as well as our kids have been sweating way too much. With the dust storms we get in West Texas and the heat, our skin surely does suffer. I’ve noticed more pimples and black heads on all of our faces. I don’t like it one bit. With that said, I found a good solution to remedy the situation is with a good facial scrub. The one my husband likes is the one produced by Toppcock Proper and Proud.

It is the Toppcock Black Sand Facial Scrub. I love that it is a generous tube of 3.4 ounces and retails for less than ten dollars at the moment. What my family reaps from it is a deep clean and gentle exfoliation. This tremendously helps fight the acne we are suffering. It also is non comedogenic and controls oil. My face is always oily so that is a certain plus. The scent it has is a refreshing menthol. I allow our children to use this product as well, because it is safe for everyone. 

Face Scrub

When using a facial scrub I always look for a few key ingredients to decide whether or not I want to try something out. One of them is charcoal. I have known for many years that charcoal has had so many benefits. It is a natural way to draw out dirt and impurities. So when  I see it in my beauty products I always lean toward a positive experience. The second is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid helps fights pimples, and I am always game for that. I want my tween daughters to feel empowered by having a clear face!

I know that Toppcock is meant for men, but I made an exception with the facial scrub, since it is a safe product. The other product which is strictly for my husband only is the Silver hygiene for man parts with odor neutralizer. It is an amazing gel that contains silver nanoparticles. The silver nanoparticles are meant to fight bacteria. Other ingredients contained in this is the tea tree oil for cleaning, and aloe vera gel for moisturizing. After a day of activity or after shower, a man would generously apply this on his penis area to avoid smelling awful. 

The Toppcock Silver is great at alleviating scarred skin after a man shave’s his pubic hair region. It acts as a barrier to moisturize the area and provide some relief. My husband likes that it gets absorbed rather quickly and does not leave a greasy residue, nor a powdery one.

Father’s day is right around the corner, and I think this makes a great gift for any husband.

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