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Tote Your Stuff

I have never needed tote bags in my entire life like all of a sudden I seem to need them now.  Maybe I am just late to the party but I never really even considered having them.  Now my child needs one for school, I have a tablet that does not fit in my purse, my child brings things pretty much everywhere she goes (I don’t remember ever bringing anything with me, just myself).  I always figured that if it didn’t fit in my purse I did not need it, but that was before the age of tablets and bottled water and all that good stuff.

The Mountain is a website that sells tote bags among other items like pillows, pet beds, T-shirts, and iPhone cases.  They have have onesies for babies which are so cute it almost makes me wish I had one so I could get them! I have never seen so many different choices of prints you can get.  It took me forever to pick out which tote bag to get because I just could not decide on one.

I ended up picking the Krakitten tote bag. There were so many cute pet prints but the reason I finally decided on this one was because I have a new kitten (well now have had him for about 5 months) and when I got him I still had to feed him kitten formula because he had been separated from his mother and he does the same pose as above so I decided that is the one I need to get.

They have three sizes available so whether you need a smaller one or a bigger one depending on exactly what you are going to be toting around there will be a size that fits your needs.  The strap is a nice length too which sometimes I find them to be too short.  They don’t only have pet prints though so if pets are not your thing they have other prints too.

I even use tote bags as organizers so to speak when I have things that are just taking up space I put them in a tote and hang it up in my closet and everything is nicely organized instead of just laying around anywhere.  Plus then I know where it is and I am not searching for something that could be anywhere!

Check out The Mountain for their tote bags and all their shirts and accessories and see how long it takes you to pick something out because everything is just so cute!

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